Basic Tips for Painting Your Wood Fence


A house’s basic safety features include wood fence. This adds privacy and beauty to your yard but there are certain maintenance costs you need to consider. Regular repairs are important to avoid rotting and weathering, especially total deterioration. If proper maintenance is ignored, wooden fences may look like those you see in horror movies and devalue a piece of property. If you want to prevent the need for structural repair or replacement, it is a great idea to paint your fencing at least once every two years.

It is true that you could save money by painting your fence on your own. But if you are not skillfully fit for the job, hiring professionals will save your day. New Casa Painters- vancouver painting services can give you further advice on how to paint a wood fence, depending on its style and current condition.

A properly maintained wood fence adds appeal and value to your home. Here are some basic tips that will guide you through a successful painting job:

Preparation Tips

  1. Trim grass and other plants in the areas around and at the base of the fence.
  2. Wipeout any dust, dirt, or debris from around the fence.
  3. Use power spray to wash the fence. Have a mixture of 1 part bleach and 1 part water to remove mildew or mold spots. Let it dry thoroughly.
  4. Old layer of paint must be scraped off. If you have an old wood fence that needs to be repainted, it is better to consider sanding it down. 
  5. Check for termite or other insect infestation.
  6. Secure all the hardware and hinges using tape and tighten any loose parts as you go.
  7. Place a drop cloth, tarpaulin, carton or plywood pieces around the fenced area to protect nearby areas like walkway, driveway, lawn, etc.

Additional Wooden Fence Painting Tips

  • It is good to invest in quality materials. A cheap paintbrush can easily lose its bristles and can easily become stiff. The same thing happens when you use cheap paint. It is better to use high-quality ones to ensure that it will last longer. Try using exterior UV-inhibiting paint to protect your wooden fence from sudden deterioration.
  • Take note of the weather forecast! Schedule your project at least 48hours of no rain in sight.
  • Start before the direct sunlight hits. The heat will make the paint dry too quickly so it won’t be able to provide proper protection.
  • Work by sections.
  • Be sure you are fit enough to do the job. There will be a lot of pressure on your back and shoulders, especially when you have a big fence. If you think you don’t have the energy to finish the project, then you can always hire the experts to get it done properly and professionally.

Remember that every house is initially judged by its exteriors. From the choices of front yard plants up to the neatness of fences, everything contributes to your home’s value. Never compromise for less if there are other options.


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