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5 Reasons to Exchange Your Sweet “I Dos” in Bali


The perfect location is a crucial factor to any successful wedding. Just ask any couple, and they will tell you they want to be married in the most romantic place on earth possible. That is why Bali is fast becoming the number one wedding destination in the world today. Every luxury travel agent has Bali listed up there on their list of premier wedding destinations. Unique black beaches, rich tropical scenery, and authentic island culture will surely contribute in making your dream wedding a reality.

Here are some more reasons to choose Bali as your wedding destination.

1. Exotic Location

The number of choices in wedding locations in Bali are simply astounding. From luxury hotels, resorts, sandy beaches, the jungle, on the peak of a volcanic mountain, and even in the midst of a humble rice paddy, you will never run out of exotic locations for that perfect Bali wedding. Bali is unique in wedding destinations because of the diversity of possible locations that will suit every couple’s sense of style and taste. Numerous agents are available to make sure you get the perfect location for your wedding.

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2. Reasonable Wedding Costs

A Bali wedding might sound too rich for your budget but nothing could be more wrong.  A study by a popular travel magazine places the average cost of a single wedding in the UK is roughly 24,000 pounds.  But abroad, it is only 6,500 pounds. One of the locations abroad included in the study was Bali. And the reason Bali can offer their wedding packages at such a low price is because of stiff competition from the numerous vendors offering wedding services.

3. The Intimacy

The reason why wedding destinations are sought-after is because an intimate ceremony is always possible. A Bali wedding can surely offer the intimacy that couples seek for their wedding ceremony because only a handful of wedding guests will be involved. Luxury travel agents can arrange a group package for more exclusivity. Only your closest friends and relatives are guaranteed to attend the ceremony thus avoiding the hassle of entertaining a huge wedding party. And of course an intimate ceremony is always more significant to the couple being married.

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4. Gorgeous Weather

A compelling reason for Bali to be on top of your list of wedding destinations is the weather.  Unlike other countries where the seasons determine your wedding date, Bali enjoys perfect weather practically whole year round. Even the wet season cannot stop a perfect outdoor wedding. Just be sure to check local weather forecasts for signs of trouble. Or better yet, book your Bali wedding through a luxury travel agent and let them take care of all the details.

5. Hassle-Free Planning

Having your wedding in Bali makes planning a lot easier. Oftentimes, the bride- and groom-to-be become too involved in the planning of the wedding especially if it is very close to home. A destination wedding in Bali avoids this pitfall because your wedding agent or package provider will make all or most of the preparations. Even travel arrangements are easily handled through a reliable luxury travel agent. All you have to do is show up for your own wedding.

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So when the time comes and you are looking for the perfect wedding destination, call your luxury travel agent and ask to be booked for Bali and experience why a lot of couples chose to get married there.


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