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Find Bachelorette Party Entertainment with Male Strippers and Dancers


If you’re looking for “A Class” bachelorette party entertainment, you can do so by adding a little bit of spice to the mix with male strippers and dancers. In this guide, we’ll help you when it comes to finding the right kind of male strippers for your party needs, so you can get the best experiences possible, and have the most fun on yours or your friend’s hen party night.

What Male Strippers and Dancers Do for the Party?

Well, obviously, male strippers can definitely heat up the party by offering some live entertainment that is pure naughty fun, without giving you a bad experience. Not only that though, for a little bit extra, they can do other regular jobs like hand out drinks and more (catering, being personal waiters and assistants), and just being regular eye candy for you and your group of friends. You’ve heard of that movie called Magic Mike, right?

Well, some male strippers do their own thing and just try to get the value of the dollar, but the boys we’re talking about here treat ladies like real ladies and are complete gentleman with class to give you an experience just like in the movie. Not only that, but you can even request that they do the routines in the movie and they’ll give that to you too!

Who are Majesty Male Strippers?

Majesty Male Strippers are a group of friends, who decided to break the mold by performing their acts and tour just like the guys did in the movie. They have been around for a while, and their comradery offers a nice touch to the fact that they can utilize their friendship to entertain an entire crowd of women, or just one special person. They’re a real team, rather than just a group of random guys, who are thrown together. This helps them make the night even more fun, and for a great price as well!

Does it Cost A Lot?

Believe it or not, you save a lot more money, when you hire a group of strippers in most cases like MMS compared to other teams or stripper groups. Male entertainment is a lot less expensive than female strippers (for good reasons like security of course), and at the same time, these guys are all friends so they share the bill accordingly. If you don’t want to spend a fortune yourself, but you and all the bridesmaids want to pitch in for the bride-to-be, you can even surprise them by splitting the tab between everyone, and Majesty doesn’t require one person to pay.

Conclusion: So Where Can I Find Them?

Majesty Male Strippers serves everyone from coast to coast. Currently, the most common areas they serve are Grand Rapids, New York City, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Detroit, Dallas, Nashville, and Ann Arbor (From California to New York!) and for a very nice price. So, you can have the true gentleman, who doesn’t kiss and tell rock your world and give your bachelorette party the naughty twist it needs!


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