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Do These Before your Baby Arrives


If you’re about to become a parent for the first time, you know that the thought can be just as chilling as touching. Your whole life is going to change overnight and you are going to be responsible for another human being. Any parent will tell you that you can never be completely prepared for your baby’s arrival, but actually you don’t have to be. We all improvise and learn a lot along the way. Still, there are some pre-baby things you should take care of before your baby arrives, so that your life gets a bit easier afterwards.

1. Think Of Your Health

When you first decide that you’re going to have a baby, you should start taking folic acid. This should happen even before you actually get pregnant. You should give up smoking and drinking, and try to live a healthy life in general: eating fresh fruit and vegetables, taking multivitamins, drinking more water and cutting down on sodas. If you didn’t know you were pregnant and did something unhealthy, try not to worry too much and instead focus on your and your baby’s health. First weeks of fetal development are crucial, so it’s best you choose healthy habits and change your lifestyle.

2. Relax, Sleep, and Eat

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Exhaustion is incredibly common in early pregnancy, and it’s best if you don’t try to fight it. Sleep as much as you possibly can, because later on you will have a problem trying to get into a comfortable position; not to mention you’ll probably be exhausted and sleep-deprived after the baby’s born. Morning sickness as well as cravings are common symptoms of pregnancy, but unless you can’t keep any food down or you crave something that’s not food at all (for example soap), there’s no need to visit a doctor. However, if you notice you have some really strange cravings (the above mentioned soap being one of them), you should visit your doctor, because it’s likely that you have a nutrient deficiency.

3. Prepare Your Home

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When the baby comes, it will not be just the two of you anymore, so it’s important to prepare your home too with the essential baby care products. Even if you decide that the baby should sleep in your room in the beginning, you should decorate the nursery. When your baby gets bigger, you will want to have a room just for them, so it is a good idea to prepare a nursery while you’re pregnant. Choose the crib, paint the walls, bring in fluffy rugs and colorful curtains, get a changing table, and make sure there’s a baby monitor in the room. It might be a good idea not to buy too many toys at once, but to buy them as your baby grows instead, so there’s no unnecessary clutter.

4. Buy Maternity Clothes

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While there are women who can’t stand the idea of maternity clothes, there are those who go out shopping the moment their belly starts showing. It’s important to wear comfortable clothes with elastic waist, but that doesn’t mean that you should start wearing your partner’s clothes or your sweatpants all the time. Comfy leggings, skirts, and dresses will be comfy enough for you, but you will also look good in them, which means that you will feel a bit better too. There’s no need to avoid horizontal stripes, bright colors, prints, and layers. They don’t make you seem bigger than you already are if you’re doing it right.

When the baby comes, you will face a million small challenges and you will think that there’s no job as difficult as this one. And you’ll be right – there isn’t, but there’s nothing as rewarding as being a parent either.

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in home decor and latest DIY projects. In her free time she enjoys exercising and preparing healthy meals for her family.

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