Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder: Interesting Facts for You


Autism Spectrum Disorder is a development related disorder. The number of people with this disorder is growing every day. Patients find it difficult to interact with general people and the surroundings. Many people think that it’s a mental illness. This isn’t true. It has no cure yet. Using the right strategies can make a remarkable difference.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
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1. Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism affects the way in which a person views the world. It’s often labelled as a ‘spectrum’ disorder. The symptoms and severity of the patients vary from individuals to individuals. Some people might be able to lead an independent life. While others are dependent on caregivers. To understand this disorder, the patient will have to face different challenges. So, a fit-for-all approach doesn’t work with people with this disorder.

 2. Causes of Autism

The cause for Autism Spectrum Disorder is still a question. Some scientists claim that it is caused by environmental and genetic factors. There are a few genes that can be associated with this disorder. Another possible reason can be an imbalance in the communication of cells in the brain. While other researchers suggest that these genes can be inherited as well.

3. Challenges in Autism

People with this disorder find it difficult to interact with other people. This is because, they don’t understand non-verbal clues. Often, people with this disorder don’t understand social norms. They often have a lack of social imagination. As a result, they might fail to understand people’s feelings or actions. There often arise the following situations. A person is visibly angry or may talk in a rude manner. And, another one may not be able to understand this.

4. Screening Process

Parents should monitor their child’s development. If there are delays, parents must schedule a screening process with the pediatrician. This is necessary when the child reaches 9 months, 18 months and 30 months. The pediatrician will give feedback on the child’s behavior. If there are signs that the child has Autism Spectrum Disorder the parents must consult a specialist. Early intervention can help the child lead a normal life.

5. Living this Disorder

There is no cure for Autism yet. Some people use various intervention techniques to deal with this. Early intervention can help to work through various difficulties. These include the development of social skills. The child can learn these skills and progress in life without much trouble. It helps in shaping the child’s IQ, adaptive function, personality and language skills.

Like any other disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder is challenging for people and their caregivers to live with this disorder. Early intervention and the support can help a lot.


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  1. Very informative. My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD at a very young age and it was great to get a better understanding of the disorder. This will be a great help to those struggling with getting some answers.

  2. One huge fact: Vaccines do NOT cause autism. Also, ASD is a spectrum disorder, meaning we all fall on the spectrum somewhere. Autism is not a death sentence. Autism is just another way of being human.

  3. I can not even imagine what it must be like. But I agree no one technique is a one size fits all. Every individual should be dealt with or assisted on an individual basis

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