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Explore the Attractions of San Francisco on Budget


Just like other cities of California, a trip to San Francisco (SF) can increase your expenses. It is not easy to control your budget while visiting this bay area. You have to plan everything wisely. Your planning starts with accommodation, so carefully choose one of the best giants suites instead of spending money on a hotel.

Make sure to pack light sweaters for foggy and chilly nights. Even in the mid of summer, the microclimates of SF may require you to wear warm clothes. Several beginners misapprehend the climatic challenges, and it is one of the biggest mistakes. Here are some tips that will help you to explore the attractions of San Francisco on budget.

Dining and Sleeping on Budget in SF

San Francisco enables you to save money on moderately priced eateries and budget menus. Chinese food can be a good choice in SF. While considering cheap accommodations, SF is an excellent city for younger visitors with a secure network of hotels, suits and rental apartments. However, you can get cheap hotels; giant suites can be a good option for your next event or game.

In hotels of San Francisco, you can get bed in $25 – $35 per night with breakfast. There are several budgeted properties to get a hotel room. These rooms offer convenient connections to area attractions and mass transit. Hotels at Fisherman’s Wharf can be expensive for your tight budget.

To start saving from SF International Airport, consider BART. The ride sharing and cabs services may get expensive. BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) is a well-known transit system of San Francisco that links everything from Sausalito – San Jose via bus routes and trains. The BART’s tickets can be used as fares and debit cards based on total distance. Keep it in mind that BART doesn’t sell unlimited passes for traveling similar to Philadelphia or New York. Though, you can get discounts for children between 5 and 12, seniors and disable people.

Cheap Attractions in SF

For walking tours in SF, you can get free guides and explore over 70 areas. You can tip your guide at the end of your tour. Moreover, City Pass helps you to enjoy bay cruises, and cable car rides for a limited cost.

Alcatraz is a former island prison, and it is a famous attraction for SF tourists. You can enter without any fee, but the island requires you to purchase one ferry ticket. The Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square areas are favorite for visitors. Some companies offer a tour with Angel Island, Munir Woods and other places at different prices.

National Monument Muir Woods in the north of the city features seaside redwood trees. You can get free admission for under 16 children and modest for other people. Moreover, the Sonoma and Napa valleys are famous for special wine industries. The south of SF, Carmel-by-the-sea, and Monterrey offer picturesque coastal views like 17-mile drive. National Yosemite Park is another place to visit. You can stop there for some time because day trips from SF can be expensive and rushed.


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