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How to Make Airbrush Makeup at Home?


Looking good they say is a good business and I believe so too. However, when it gets to dip your hand into your budget for a commercial makeup set, it may not seem so great. But hey! You can still achieve that flawless look that will neither be cakey nor heavy. Wanna know how? By picking some materials and putting your hands to work for airbrush foundations, lipstick, face paint or eye shadow that never fails. All you need to do is read this article and learn how to make airbrush makeup at home. Yes! It’s that simple!

Airbrush makeup is not new in the fashion industry. Infact, many people use it for movies, theatre and art performances. It will transform your face and cover any form of skin imperfections that you have. The most surprising thing about it is that it outshines many traditional methods, when it comes to facial transformation.

Now the question is, can you use airbrush makeup instead of those commercial brands that are pricey and artificial? Yes! You can by preparing it at home with the following ingredients:

  1. A half cup of glycerine
  2. One cup of water
  3. Four cups of cornstarch
  4. Two cups of baking soda
  5. Four cups of vinegar
  6. A good concealer
  7. Powdered mica in different shades
  8. Jars for storage

How to Make Airbrush Makeup at Home

Step one: Prepare the Base of the Makeup by Doing the Following:

i. Mix the vinegar and baking soda

After mixing the two ingredients, let it rest for some time

ii. Mix cornstarch and glycerine and add to the mixture of vinegar and baking soda.

To achieve a good mixture, use a spoon and stir the four ingredients consistently till it is smooth without air pockets or lumps.

iii. Bring the water and pour it slowly into the mixture.

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You must make sure that the water hits the mixture in droplets to prevent the makeup from dripping. If you want it to be lighter, add more of the water but still slowly.

Step two: Introduce the Makeup

After preparing the base of the airbrush makeup, your next call is to decide on the particular makeup you want to make.

  1. Foundation/Concealer: If you want to prepare either of the two, just add it to the base you have prepared.
  2. Eye Shadow: for an eyeshadow, just add your powdered mica
  3. Lipstick: use food coloring for the shade you want.

Step three: Apply It

After preparing your DIY airbrush makeup, bring out your airbrush machine gun and sample your handwork. Well, if you don’t want to use your face for the trial, use your arm or a paper towel to see how consistent it is. You can add some corn starch if the makeup is lighter than you like or you can add water if it too thick.

Step four: Store the Makeup

After checking for consistency and correcting mistakes, bring out the jar and put the makeup inside for storage.

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Preparing airbrush makeup at home is not hard at all. The only thing is that the results you will get are going to depend on the quantity of water you add to the makeup. Try it out and be ready for a wonderful surprise.


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