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5 Truths Guys Wish Girls Knew


Do you really think that guys are the complicated creatures in the world? And they are difficult to be understood? There’s a simple line about guys. And it goes like, they’re straightforward and simple. But, nevertheless, they are the most confounding and complicated creatures for the girls. A girl often ends up not knowing the man, but his male scripts. Here are the 5 truths guys wish girls knew about them. This will perhaps help in bridging the gap between these two genders to a huge extent.

1. Even Men Like Complements Once in a While

Girls, it’s not always that you deserve attention, complements and appreciation. You guy also deserves the same. He also wishes that he’s being appreciated for his whatsoever little things or small gifts or anything he does for you. He looks for appreciation like he’s a loving husband or a responsible son or a wonderful father. He doesn’t need complements for his dresses or appearance. But, he looks for appreciation for what he does.

2. He Needs Some Space

One of the 5 truths guys wish girls knew is they seek for some space. They do it for mental relaxation. And, when their girls complain on the shortcomings and pop in their heads, guys simple hate it. Thus, if you get to see your guy is looking for some lonely free time, please give him space. He wants you to understand that he needs the space occasionally and not always. And, when he wants his space, please co-operate with him.

3. He also Gets Hurt

It’s often seen that girls cry their heart out when they’re hurt. And, guys generally keep numb or leave the place without saying anything at all. Girls often interpret this situation as he is behaving indifferently or he is not at all bothered or he doesn’t care. But, please understand that guys are extremely sensitive. Infact, guys are more sensitive than girls. They get hurt more. But, they don’t express. One of the very truths guys wish girls knew is that they seek co-operation under any circumstances.

4. He doesn’t Like You Praising other Guys in front of Him

This is an inherent nature of every guy. Guys are possessive and caring in nature. You appreciating any other boy, be it your childhood friend in front of him makes him feel jealous. It’s not that he doubts on you. Just that the possessive attribute of his nature makes him feel a bit uncomfortable. He at times gets pissed off and his self respect is hurt. He wants his girl to take care of his attributes completely.

5. He is Dumb in Understanding Your Hints

Another important trait of guys is that they’re straightforward. And, this often makes them difficult to pick on your hints. They actually don’t understand too many complicated statements. So, yet one of the many truths guys wish girls knew is that be simple and speak your minds clearly and loudly. Please don’t expect them to understand your hints. This is not because they don’t want to. But because, they want to keep things simple and straight. And this, many a time, gives rise to unnecessary confusions and misunderstandings.

These are the 5 truths guys wish girls knew. If you want to make your relationship happy and healthy, apply these in your daily lives. Lead a beautiful life full of love and romance. Try to hold back to him even if he behaves childishly. Remember, it’s not with everybody that he behaves this way. You’re indeed special that you get to experience these attributes so closely.


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