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How has Yesteryear Indian Fashion Affected Today’s Women?


It is always said that “History Repeats Itself.” And this notion holds true for the fashion industry as well. In the contemporary era, fashion has become a multi-dimensional phase. Also, fashion is no more a change or a trend, but it is a spirit of the times along with the combination of the varied styles and succession. Fashion is the aptest expression that defines its way in the design process.

When you talk about the Indian culture, then you must remember India is a nation comprising of a population of 1.27 billion. And yet, this is not the end! The citizens in India also follow different religions, cultures, customs, and traditions as well. So let us have a run down through how the Yesteryear Indian Fashion has influenced today’s women era.

1. Puff Blouses

The classic puff blouses were long back used in the Royal Victorian Families and were not commonly noticed in the common public. When you go further down the memory lane around 60’s and 70’s, then you will come to know that it became very common for the public to wear so.

If you come back to Indian culture and tradition, this is still in use amongst the Eastern parts of India. There have been many movies in the previous decade that highlights the usage of this style. If you are going for a celebration, then the puff blouses along with embellished netted sleeves would look great.

2. Half Saree

The renowned music band, Pussy Cat Dolls has been even more famous ever since it sang the club-ready songs at the ‘08 Fashion Rock Concert along with Unique Indian Sarees as well. This traditional wear became unbelievably popular in the United States during the ‘70s.

Despite the process of Westernization, the people out there often pair with some of the combinations like Designer Salwar Kameez. The Sarees especially half sarees continues to have an effective presence in the fashion world of West.

3. Harem Trousers

Harem, a loose fitting and low hanging linen trousers with a cross stitch (also known as hem) are often worn under a pleated skirt. However, these baggy pants are often being used in the Western fashion world by the inventive fashionistas. These trouser-like pants are admired by the people who know how comfortable these harems are.

Initially, this Indian trend didn’t gain much momentum in the West, but still, it is successful in creating a long-lasting impact on the Bohemian outfit and aesthetics.

4. Bindis and Other Such Religious Symbols

Selena Gomez, the Disney Pop Idol prides on herself when she follows the Indian Culture along with sporting the traditional clothing and jewellery as well. Gomez is amongst those celebrities who love and enjoy wearing the decorative dot on her forehead, in combination with the western outfits and Indian alike.

5. Henna Party

Henna is often used by the Indian people when there is some auspicious occasion like wedding or engagement as such. Also, it is auspicate if you apply Henna at the time of Hindu festivals. However, from the last few years, the Henna, commonly termed as Mehndi is also been used as a substitute for a temporary tattoo.

If you want to get a tattoo of Mickey Mouse or any of your favorite cartoon character, you can try for getting a Mehndi as well.

Time to Bid You Goodbye

If you have carefully gone through the above-mentioned dressing and clothing styles, then you would have realized the fact that Vintage and History is inherent and immortal, especially in this ever-changing fashion cosmos.

So it is totally upon you that how you pick up your choice and wear the one that suits your figure and persona as well!


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