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WordPress or Blogger? Which Blogging Platform for you?


“WordPress or Blogger” is the common question of many people, who are into the blogging world. Often, we’ve heard the new users asking question, why to use the self hosted WordPress.org instead of Google’s own platform, Blogger. Here we shall be discussing some points on the topic, WordPress or Blogger. In fact, we’ll be distinguishing between the self hosted WordPress.org and Blogger for better understanding of the users. But remember, the comparison is not between WordPress.com and Blogger. It is in between the self hosted WordPress.org vs. Blogger.

1. Appearance: WordPress or Blogger

When it comes to blogging, the design and appearance of your blog matter a lot. It helps in attracting web traffic to a huge extent. Blogger, the nice platform doesn’t have a wide variety of design templates. Instead, it has just limited number of templates. One can make modifications in Blogger with the various in-built tools. However, full on customization isn’t possible. But, with WordPress as your blogging platform, you get many premium themes available, which make your blog look professional. A lot of customization can be done with the plug-ins available in WordPress.

2. Ownership: WordPress or Blogger

WordPress, the open source software helps you to use your own hosting service provider. You can use it to host the site you own. You can continue hosting the blog as long as you wish and you have the right to shutdown anytime you want. All data and information are completely under your control. While, Blogging is the platform provided by Google. Though it’s very reliable and free, you won’t be able to own your own blog. Google always has the right to shut down your access to the blog or the whole blog sometimes.

3. Domain Name: WordPress or Blogger

Blogger gives you the opportunity to use a free pre registered domain name. But, the domain name will have blogspot.com, like, yourname.blogspot.com. Only HTML modifications can be done through the browser interface to the template you use. It doesn’t provide any access to FTP or plug-ins. It provides a free storage space of 1 GB. While, with self hosted WordPress, you can register your own domain name with $13 per domain. For hosting, you need to pay a host fee of $4.95 monthly. And, you are provided unlimited storage space.

4. Security: WordPress or Blogger

It’s true that Blogger has the backup of the security of Google. Creating backups, managing your documents and resources and securing your blog are not your headache at all. While , with WordPress as your blogging platform, you need to have your own backup for all your resources, documents and security. However, the readily available plug-ins in self hosted WordPress make it very easy to do these tasks.

5. Verdict: WordPress or Blogger

If you want to own a blog, not for branding, fame or money, Blogger serves to be a good platform. It provides up to 10 pages. It serves to be a good platform for simple blogs. But, if you’re into professional blogging, the self hosted WordPress is the best for you.

Matt Cutts, the head of the Google Web Spam Team said that “new user can use Blogger. It’s superb, when you’re into casual blogging. While, with WordPress, you get the opportunity to customization based on your requirements and needs.


32 thoughts on “WordPress or Blogger? Which Blogging Platform for you?”

  1. Very insightful. I am using blogger at the moment but have been thinking about getting my own domain but wasn’t sure if it was worth it or not. I now think that I should

  2. Awesome review and I completely agree with you. I use blogger because it’s easier for me. I do, however, want to move to WordPress in the future because it’s what most professional bloggers use. 🙂

  3. I am using blogger eversince I started blogging and somehow got comfortable with it. Right now though I have no choice but to learn wordpress because my writing job is using wordpress. Honestly, I’m still trying to find my way around it.

  4. This is a very great review and an eye opener for me. I had my first blog with wordpress but i was having a hard time designing its template with my desired theme. Then i switched to blogger and i find it more user friendly but still its limited. For a personal blog yes i agree with that, blogger seems to be the option. But for a more professional blogging career, wordpress will do. Thanks for this, i actually didn’t know about the ownership thing!

  5. When I was starting my blog, it was tough to choose which one should I use, but I ended up using Google. Though I also used WordPress and I enjoyed designing my website there. Visually wise, I’d rather pick WordPress, however, Google is a lot easier.I quite don’t understand why you said, “If you want to own a blog, not for branding, fame or money, ” I think Google may give us better ranking.

    1. I just wanted to mean that WordPress is good for bloggers, who want to earn handful income from their blogs. This is because, due to the various customization tools, plug-ins readily available, one can make the blog very attractive and quite professional, when compared to the blogs made in Blogger. What say?

  6. This is a good and simple comparison of two platforms. I’m using blogger ever since but you’re very right, I have learned that if you’re after earning from your blog through affiliates or banner ads, WordPress would be the best platform to use.

  7. I have been a wordpress user most of my life and I find the level of customization better than blogger. But then again because of googles backing I might try blogger out.

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