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Your Blog Doesn’t Bring Money to You: Why So???


It’s common knowledge that most bloggers out there aren’t making much money. Pareto’s 80-20 rule seems to apply; 80% out there earn 20% of revenue whereas 20% earn 80% of the revenue. This implies that there are only a few people out there, who are making a substantial amount of money. Well, it cannot be said that blogging isn’t a profitable venture. The reason as to why so many are not making as much money lies with the bloggers themselves. They are not utilizing their blogs effectively. Here’s a consideration of some of the basic reasons why you’re not making any money through your blog.

blog doesnt bring money
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1. Inadequate Design

Your blog may not be bringing any money because of its design. You might be writing good stuff but your choice of design can render it unreadable. Your background may be a mix of colors that make your font unreadable or perhaps it makes the reader strain their eyes. Well, if someone visits your site and struggles to read it, it’s probable that they won’t finish reading it and won’t even visit again. To remedy this, use a minimalist design. Choose a simple background and nice colors.

2. Frequent Pop Ups And Ads

One of the most annoying things on the Internet are pop-ups and ads. They are literally a nuisance. It’s true that ads are a source of extra income for you but for the sake of the readers, go easy on those ads. You might not want to distract your readers from actually reading your posts. One of the reasons that you may not be making money is because you might be driving them away by the frequent irritating ads.

3. Lack Of Reader Blogger Engagement

Effective communication is a two-way street. When a message is sent, feedback must be received for the process of communication to be complete. Hence, in relation to your blog, you might want to ask yourself, “Do I respond to readers’ comments?” or “Do I even provide the platform for readers to write their comments and views?” Well, if your answer is no, then you can draw valid conclusions as to why you’re not making money. Let your readers engage with you. Provide a platform for discussions and, most importantly, respond to each individual comment. This will earn you a loyal following and put more money in your pocket. The absence of traffic is another reason. Yes, you have a blog, you have good writing skills, and you’ve posted numerous masterpieces. However, despite all these, you’ve never had any real visitors. What is the point to write when no one is reading? Well, to understand this, we can use an illustration of lighting a candle for the purpose of lighting a room. You light it but you put it under the table. Are you being objective? If your purpose is to light the room, doesn’t putting the candle on top of the table make more sense? In the same way, when you have a blog, you should promote it by generating traffic to it. Advertise it by posting links all over. Convince people to visit your site and read it. Nothing should hold you back from generating traffic to your site.

4. Writing Incompetence

Well, in the present day, if you can do a write-up and post it somewhere, you automatically assume that you’re a writer. Many people call themselves writers. They even go ahead and brag about it. But in reality, they are nothing close to what they purport to be. When it comes to writing skillfully, most of these self-proclaimed writers don’t meet the minimum requirements. So, yes, you might be actually writing but are you a skillful writer? Are you competent? Are you the best among the fools or the best among the best? If your writing skills are lacking, then you need no further explanation as to why you are not making money. One intriguing thing about readers is that they never forget. You might cunningly use someone else’s work and ideas and present them as your own. However, your cunning ways will translate into lost money. How? An avid reader will always be familiar with many writers and their ideas. So, they will easily spot someone who doesn’t use original ideas and it will earn you a bad reputation. A bad reputation equals lost visitors and, ultimately, less income. So be original.

5. Unpopular Topics

You might be focusing on unpopular topics. Sites about unpopular topics won’t appeal to most people, hence, you won’t be making money. You have to be smart and look at where the money is. There are topics and issues that will always spark the interest of the masses. Consider them. You do not have to be a hardliner to seize an opportunity when you see it. Nothing should stop you. Another reason is the Lack of Multiple Sources of Income. In business, it’s always advisable to have different income streams. You should not rely on a single source of income. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Blogging, too, is a business venture. There are a variety of ways in which you can create multiple income streams from just your blogging site. You could create your own e-books and sell them on your site. You could also be an affiliate marketer. You could earn commissions from promoting products on your site. You could also post training and instructional videos on your site for a price. There are many things you could do for a monetary revenue apart from writing. This, however, calls for some creativity and innovation on your part.

The points highlighted above are just some of the many reasons as to why your blog is not bringing money. As mentioned earlier, it’s not that blogging isn’t a profitable venture, it’s you as a blogger who doesn’t look for that money in effective and sustainable ways. You should remember even if you are in business, the customers, in this case, the readers, have to be given an incentive to remain. You should convince them that they are not wasting their money on your site. They should feel as if they have gained value from you.



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