Why CBD is Popular Day by Day?


It feels like not too long ago CBD oil was little thing that was only rarely mentioned in dark corners. But within a year it’s blown up everywhere with everyone talking about. It’s on the news, my neighbor was talking about it out of the blue a couple days ago, and now I’m seeing more and more pet owners bring it up when I take my dog for walks in the park. I even saw a couple of people giving their fluff nuggets CBD dog treats. So how did this all happen?

1. The Beginning  

The first thing that brought CBD oil to popularity was well  . . . it’s creation. That’s because CBD oil was first created by extracting oil from cannabis plants that had extremely low amounts of THC. THC is the chemical compound in cannabis that gets users high, but without it, no matter how much you smoke it you won’t get high. So why go to all the work to do that?

The answer to that starts when scientists saw that marijuana was able to successfully treat, until-then, untreatable forms of epilepsy. This realization put medical marijuana on the map and brought it a lot of legitimacy.

The problem was what to do about little kids. Remember, at this time marijuana still had a decent amount of THC in it, and you couldn’t give it to kids for both medical and ethical reasons. But it was the only thing that could help them where all else failed.

The Stanley Brothers were the first to successfully create cannabis plants with no THC that could safely be given to children without hurting them. They created this for one little girl, in particular, that was on the brink of death from frequent epileptic episodes that would happen every. The first time Charlotte had CBD oil her seizures stopped for an entire week.

2. The DEA

In late December 2016, the DEA came out and said that CBD oil was derived from marijuana and was therefore illegal across the country. This, of course, led to CBD oil landing in the headlines far and wide and brought CBD oil itself into the limelight.

Normally, when the DEA comes out and says a new “health” product is, in fact, illegal, it hits headlines for a few days and goes away, but not CBD oil. That’s because CBD oil isn’t illegal because it doesn’t have to be derived from marijuana. CBD oil should actually be derived from hemp because hemp is a legal variety of the cannabis sativa plant because it contains 0.3% THC or less.

Hemp can legally have high amounts of CBD, and other therapeutic compounds, that all contribute to the overall medical benefits so many receive from taking CBD oil, and it’s very safe to use. Because of this, many companies that provide CBD oil derived from hemp sued the DEA for false accusation of their products. This battle has basically resulted in nothing happening, and much of the fight is now located within a few states that are still fighting to banned CBD oil.

CBD oil

3. Conservative States

It’s really easy to show how fast CBD’s popularity is spreading by looking at a few states that are . .  . well we’re, trying to correlate that CBD is marijuana and therefore illegal.

2017 was a messy year for testing CBD oil’s legalization, and this can’t be seen anywhere better than in Indiana. No state has gone back and forth saying CBD oil is and isn’t legal than Indiana. Police conducted several raids costing companies hundreds of thousands in lost product — all which turned out to most likely being illegal with the police defending their actions by saying they didn’t realize that CBD oil didn’t have THC in it.

They even arrested someone for CBD oil, claimed it had at least traces of THC and was illegal (not true), only for lab tested results to come back showing there wasn’t even the allowed 0.03% in it — lab researchers said they were no traceable levels of THC.

But that was 2017, and Indiana has recently passed a new house bill stating that all CBD oil products with 0.03% or less are legal. In fact, it always was since hemp was legalized in 2014 federally, and Indiana passed their own billed legalizing hemp and anything derived from it.

It’s a stupid fight over terminology. Both hemp and marijuana come from different varieties of the cannabis sativa plant and that’s the issue. Cannabis does not equal marijuana or a high for that matter. All mammals produce their own cannabinoids that attach to cannabinoid receptors in their bodies. This offer natural regulation and restorative properties that help the different systems and organs that make up an organism.

We aren’t living in a constant state of intoxication so it’s safe to say the prefix “canna” shouldn’t deem something illegal. In actuality, “canna” should mean better health, so go grab those CBD dog treats.

4. CBD Oil is Popular Because It Works For So Many

That’s the reason we’re seeing those CBD dog treats  and even CBD gummies for people; it simply helps improve health. A significant portion of CBD’s medical properties comes from the fact that it promoting a natural regulatory system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS plays a vital role in homeostasis which is just the body’s way of stabilizing and regulating itself and everything involved.

It’s easy to get lost in all the information out there about CBD, from the reason it’s popular to how it works and what for and, of course, all the fun legality stuff. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD you’ll want to check out Innovet Pet.


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