WhatsApp Application quietly Added Encryption to iPhone Backups


We knew that without the social media our life will be bored in recent days. Now a day people shared the information or any kind of news through the social media sites or application and these kinds of services bring the people life easy. These kinds of service help to connect the people around worldwide. In the kind of the services, Whatsapp is one of the main applications which having the highest place among the other application.

Many features are introduced in the platform to make the chat clear and secure. And now the services introduce new service called encryption and the functions are explained here. WhatsApp application is a texting service between the smart phones which replace the normal SMS text messages. Over more than 900 million users are active around worldwide by using the Whatsapp platform. Whatsapp application uses an internet connection between the phones. The platform is available for all phones which include iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia phones also.

The big difference between the normal SMS text messages service and the Whatsapp text messages is that the Whatsapp application is free and you use the internet connection on your mobile phone that is WiFi or part of you mobile data pack which is depending on the subscription of your SIM.

What is Encryption and How It Works?

WhatsApp first introduced the end-to-end encryption one year before. Messages sent through WhatsApp application will not be stored in plaintext on the web servers. The firm is unable to decrypt the text messages as it doesn’t have the encryption keys. This means that the firm would be unable to give back the user data.

All the WhatsApp users must be using the new version of the WhatsApp service to make sure the messages which are fully encrypted text. Those with the latest version may observe a text message which is appearing in their chats screen, informing them of the new changes in the application.

The WhatsApp app’s founders wrote a blog to describe the essential thing of this new update of the application.

The idea is simple and easy that when you send a normal message to others, the only user who can read the message is the person or in the group chat that you send that plain message to. Therefore no one can see it inside that text message. So, therefore, there are no any cyber criminals. Not the hackers. Not repressive regimes. Not even us. End-to-end encryption assists to make communication through the WhatsApp application private sort of like a face-to-face chat.

Added Encryption in WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp application has quietly strengthened the security service of an iCloud backup specification for the users of its messaging service and is potentially closing an alternative that could authorize otherwise end-to-end encrypted messages to become ready for use in a readable format. Such as through a subpoena of the Apple, which having the encryption keys for the iCloud, or by a hacker otherwise acquiring access to a WhatsApp application iCloud account of the user?

According to a Forbes report of the messenger, the Facebook-owned company added the encryption to the WhatsApp application iCloud backups in the late year of the year of 2016, though it says the fact only came out last week after a 3rd party firm which supplies the mobile phone service and cloud hacking device claimed to be able to mislead the security measure.

The firm in question, Oxygen Forensics, told the Forbes its workaround only works for a certain scenario whereby it has an approach to a SIM card with the same mobile phone number that the WhatsApp application uses to send a verification code to the user to produce the encryption key for the iCloud backup service.

A WhatsApp application speaker confirmed that the iCloud backups are now being encrypted with the code and telling Forbes, When person backs up their conversation by the way of WhatsApp application to the iCloud service, the backup files is sent which are highly encrypted.

Forbes implies the process that could be used, for example, by the police in control of a device where the WhatsApp service account has been deleted or removed but the iCloud backups have not been cleaned in the server.

We have reached out to the WhatsApp platform with queries and this will update this story with any reply in the service.

Political pressure on the encryption seems to be striking up again. Giving the evidence about this to a Senate handling committee starting of this month, FBI director James Comey uncover the agency that had been unable to approach the contents of more than 3,000 mobile phones devices in the 1st  half of the monetary year, despite having the proper authority to access the data on the platform.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was involved in a high-profile war with the Apple by the last year when it went to court to try to push the firm to weaken its security system to assist the investigators to gain access to a locked in the iPhone platform. Apple opposed and in the end, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) paid a 3rd party firm to hack into the device. But the bureau seems eager to force for the legislation to make illegal end-to-end encryption that is where the service wage earner doesn’t hold the encryption data keys themselves.

During the hearing Comey complained by the last week and therefore that a case-by-case suggestion to breaking into strongly which is in the encrypted devices and the services does not a measure, and backed new calls by the Senator Dianne Feinstein for the legislation to need the companies which is having the decrypt data when served a authorization and setting the scene for the one more round of the crypto battle in the US.

WhatsApp application has been at the prominence of making the new thing in the platform called end-to-end encryption and this will be more accessible for the mainstream application users, finishing a roll-out of the tech across its service and all flavors of its applications in the month of April of the year 2016. It’s also resisted the legal bid to the strong arm it into handing over the user data of the user and such as in the Brazil where its platform has been blocked more number of times as a punishment for its failure to give the decrypted data to the police. The firm has kept up the service and it cannot hand over the information to the certain law and therefore it does not hold the service.

Adding the encryption key to the iCloud service backups would seem to be a support of the stance that user of the WhatsApp and the privacy is essential for the data security. Albeit is the one with a fair few warning about how it has put into action by the security layer here. Not enabling the WhatsApp platform iCloud backups is a more correct to fix for avoiding the cloud storage of the data vulnerability alternative, though one that might be bothersome from the point of view of the user in the platform. So, therefore, the message in the app will be safer and it could not ready by any third party.

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