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7 Weight Loss Myths that Won’t Just Die & Why They’re Wrong


There’s all kind of advice; from cutting carbs to the conversation over diary and meat, dieting advice is constantly changing from week to the other. With everyone from doctors to the government and healthy living consultants putting in their two cents; it’s really hard to know, who to believe. This is especially true where the information from the varied sources is contradicting. With cutting technology, scientists have been able to discover how changing our diets can enable our microbes to keep us trim and slim, brighten our moods and keep diseases and allergies at bay. The new scientific evidence is very central in debunking 7 weight loss myths and show why they’re wrong.

1. All Calories are Created Equal

This myth has made it seem like the weight loss affair is a matter of calories in and calories in. That’s not true. While on a food label a calorie is just a calorie, is it not entirely true in how calories impact our bodies. Calories are simply a measure of energy which means if you are packing up energy foods and not using the energy, the energy will be stored in fat. However, there are foods like cake that have empty calories – calories that have no nutritional value.

2. Skipping Meal is the Way to Go

Skipping meals doesn’t translate to weight loss. It is surprising that a lot of obese people are known to skip important meals like breakfast. Skipping meals is not good for two reasons;
First, skipping a meal means that you are hungrier in the next one. So, you’re more likely to eat more. Second, skipping meals recalibrates your metabolism. Your body enters a self-preservation mode and stores up fat to deal with the perceived oncoming starvation

3. Exercise Helps in Weight Loss

Exercise will not in itself necessarily reduce your waistline. Eating less and exercising more is an outdated mantra that has failed every time. Exercising actually translates to weight gain because our bodies are wired to compensate for the exertion. It takes more effort and energy expenditure to get rid of fat than it is to get rid of muscle. Exercise is very important in ensuring you are fit, healthy and in a good mood but it is not a solution to weight loss.

4. Cutting Carbs is Good for Weight Loss

It is absurd for anyone to think that cutting down on one part of our diet can help lose weight. Such ideas have led to people eliminating whole food groups from diets. Carbs have suffered a bad reputation here. Actually, complex carbohydrates like bread, rice and pasta are very important in providing energy.

It’s not the food group that has issues but rather the portion sizes and what has been added to the carbs. Macaroni cheese for instance is very high in calories while pasta in itself isn’t. This is yet one of the important weight loss myths.

5. There are Quick Solutions

We live in a “microwave” generation where we look for a quick fix on anything. There is everything from dietary supplements, pills and drinks that promise to give you weight loss results. These quick solutions are rarely solution let alone the solution being long term.

6. Low Fat Foods are Preferable

Foods labeled as low-fat usually have higher sugar to make up for the absence of fat. This is therefore counter-productive. However, when it comes to milk; skimmed and semi skimmed means something since the saturated fat isn’t replaced with anything.

7. There’s Such Thing as Eating Right for Your BLOOD TYPE

I think this is the crowning of all these 7 weight loss myths. There is simply no scientific evidence that supports this claim. Research on this idea has come back very void of evidence. Your ticket to weight loss is hcg drops, knowing the truth and following it religiously while watching how your body responds to hat you are doing.


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