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Accessories that Look Accomplished with Wedding Salwar Kameez


Weddings in India are always in the loop. You’ll be invited to either your friend’s marriages or relative’s weddings often. And when you decide to rock at the wedding evening, the first thing you’ll look for is a dress, which is not just gorgeous, but also comfortable. Since ancient times, the only thing that has not changed in women is the desire to be serene. Yes! Every woman loves to be comfortable wherever they are. Irrespective of the venue and timing, women enjoy the tranquility offered by the attire they are on. When you’re planning to be the guest for someone’s marriage or the host for your own wedding, you’ll obviously require a wedding salwar kameez, which keeps you out of worries.

When it comes to Indian weddings, even though there are a lot many styles of dresses available in the market, everyone would love to make it with a traditional Indian attire. And they are Saree, Lehenga or Salwar Kameez. In recent times, wedding salwar suits have got huge recognition as they fit very well into ceremonial events like weddings and festivals in India. Because of the luxurious looks and perfect designs they carry, most of the women prefer to wear salwar suits at weddings where they will have to spend hours together in the same attire. Salwar suits are already in trend, but what can you do to enhance the beauty of them?

Accompanying the most glamorous attire of India, salwar kameez with perfectly designed accessories is the must thing you all have to practice. You may be having plenty of earrings and necklaces and other things on your dressing table. But when you are planning for the special occasion, you must look unique and also should shop freshly for the new attire you bought.

Here’s the list and details of important accessories, which make your outfit look attractive compared to the plain and normal dress. Check this and then you go for shopping as this will give you the basic idea about all the accessories you require.

Wedding Salwar Kameez

1. Exemplary Earrings

Earrings are the first and foremost thing that is visible to others after your dress. And hence it obviously, has to be given utmost importance. When you buy a type of wedding Salwar Kameez, always choose the earrings, which match the style along with the color of the attire. For example, when you’re planning to wear Anarkali salwar suit with heavy design works, you must accompany that with a simple type of studs or hangings. And for traditional or casual wedding salwar suits, jumkha will be the best choice.

Nowadays, there are many new handmade earrings have arrived at the market. Quilling paper made earrings, beaded earrings, terracotta earrings and much more. As wedding is a traditional event, you must choose something, which will not fade the mood.

2. Blissful Bangles and Bracelets

Bangles have got the most prominent space in Indian tradition. You can always look at yourself wearing bangles and that will make you feel happy within yourself. There is the soulful power for bangles to keep the environment bliss. There are many colorful and awesome designed bangles available specially for the bride to be. You can check online for many designer bangles made of different materials like bronze, copper, silver and German silver, where some are even coated to look exactly like gold. You can even wear gold bangle with luxurious beads like pearls, ruby, diamond etc. They give the most royal look for your attire. You can also go for bracelets, which are simple but elegant looking and match your neck piece as well.

3. Phenomenal Footwear

When it comes to wedding salwar kameez, all of us think of wearing the perfect fitting high heeled stilettos. But though they give the phenomenal look, you may not be comfortable wearing it and standing for more than three to four hours. Your soft feet may get hurt too. Unless you are short in height, the best alternative for high heeled footwear is pumps, bellies or flat jootis. They come in vibrant colors and you can even match the design works with your outfits. The jootis are made using embroidery works, mirror works etc. Standard colors like black, brown, beige looks perfect. If you’re the bride, go for golden or silver colored footwear as they add up the charm to your attire.

4. Sensational Necklace and Neck chains

Another important accessory is neckpiece. When you wear wedding Salwar Kameez like Anarkali suits with collar you may neglect the necklace but other kinds of wedding salwar suits really need a good pair of necklace and earrings. They are also available in wide range and there are many designer necklaces made for brides specially. There are many patterns as well. And you can wear a necklace which is close to your neck and another long neck chain to complete the bridal looks. Gold, copper, diamond and silver neckpieces are highly in demand in recent times.

5. Fantabulous Patterns of Dupatta

Dupatta is a gorgeous part of every Salwar Kameez. There are many women who select a Salwar Suit by looking at the Dupatta only. Dupatta should always be light in weight and smooth in texture. They are used since ancient times to cover up the heads by women. But now they are experiencing a great change in phase as they are considered as the most trendier part of the wedding salwar kameez. For wedding salwar suits, a netted veil, laced dupatta or golden sheer veil with border looks amazing to wear upon the head and leave free at both the sides. Thinner the fabric, more comfortable will be the dupattas.

Wedding Salwar Kameez

6. Awesome Looking Anklets

The brightest part of the bridal outfit is anklets. All the brides will get a lot of new jewels and it always includes anklets for sure. In olden days only silver anklets were used by common people. Now there are many new kinds of anklets available which are made of pearls, beads or other luxurious colorful stones. They are the ones, who complete the bridal look of a woman. Check online for many new designs and go unique rather wearing usual silver ones.

7. Other Important Accessories

When you buy wedding salwar suits online, you’ll obviously check and buy the accessories mentioned above. Along with them, there are a few more accessories to not miss in the list. They are mangtika, stickers, nose jewels, armlets, waist band and there are many other things that are also important. Get everything in a set without missing even a single thing and get ready for the wedding.

Along with all these stuff, your smile is the most important accessory to wear at the happiest moments. Make sure all that you buy will perfectly suit your dress with respect to the color, designs and trendy patterns. Contrast also may look good but most of the time matching to odd types of jewels or an odd jewel with the wedding salwar kameez may spoil the entire look and become a dark spot of your outfit.



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