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How to Write a Winning Web Design Proposal for Your Blog


Most designers came into the business to make the world brighter and better. They feel like by creating great websites they can turn the world of the Internet into something truly beautiful.

And it seems like you are on the same page with these specialists: you want your blog redesigned, while they have the skills to do it. The only issue is that you might be speaking different languages.

Both sides need to collaborate on this one: you need to create a request for proposal, while the designers have to create the solution. And to avoid asking questions back and forth, you need to be as clear as possible at this stage.

We can almost hear some of the designers start shivering as the phrase “web design proposal” came up. Most of them these days associate this task with boring chores they have to deal with.

However, if you articulate your expectations in a concise manner, you will increase your chances of getting what you want, and will make the job for designers so much easier!

That is the reason why we have decided to create a list of things you can do to nail this task in the shortest time (and not go crazy!)

Read on to see our step by step guidance on proposals creation – and see how it can be done fast and easily!

A Complete Guide on Web Design Proposal Creation for Your Blog

1. Give an Overview of Your Blog

By explaining the agency what you are doing, you can save tons of time and start building bridges.

On this stage, do not go too much into details, but rather introduce yourself and your organization. No need to dive into the problems at first, but rather explain what exactly you are doing on this stage. This part should be rather short but informative, as it might be the first time the agency has ever heard about you. So, to be on the same page, explain to them who you are.

2. Explain what Your Core Values are

What motivated you to start your business? You definitely had thoughts that moved you to action. So, now is the perfect time to explain them.

This will give the agency a clear understanding of what the can make their focus on and how they can accent specific features of your business to attract new clients.

Depending on the type of your business, you might ask to concentrate on different things. And to save some hassle of questions and answers flying back and forth, in the end, state everything from the beginning.

3. Specify who Your Target Audience is

As a business owner, you probably use tracking to reach out to the right audience at the right time. You know who your ultimate customer is and what exactly it is that you have that he might be interested in.

When creating a web design description, you need to explain what your target audience is like, what they like, what they appreciate, what they pay the most attention to, and how can you increase your conversion rates by simply having correct design.

Do not let the agency guess how they can reach out to them, as they might miss the point. You know the audience, so it is your responsibility to describe them well enough for designers to understand how to reach out to them.

4. Make a Clear Statement of the Problem

So, why after all you to have these design changes? What does the agency have to do in order for you to feel like this redesign is a real success? Do you want to have more people to visit your website or do you want a new design to help you generate more leads?

All of these points should go into this chapter.

Another important thing you need to bear in mind is that you should not only describe what you want the visitors to see but also what you want them to do in your blog. This will help you coordinate the agency in terms of the potential results their changes should bring.

5. Establish Realistic Time Frame

If it is your first redesign, you might not know for sure how long it will take a designer to add changes, but you might have a hard deadline you need to have it ready before. That should be your orientation.

However, remember that even some simple changes might take up to a month to implement, and it might take even longer if the changes are more complicated. So, get ready to invest some serious amount of time into your redesign.

6. Specify the Technical Requirements

No need to go into great details about what exactly you expect the designers to do for you (besides, you might not even know all the details). But there are things you should mention in advance to make sure you are all on the same page.

For starters, you can explain what back-end language you want the agency to use, as well as what browsers should the new design be supported.

Also, specify what integrations you find essential and what specifications should a mobile design have. Think twice, because this is the largest chapter in your web design request, and for a good reason. You can search for similar proposal example to ensure that you will get exactly what you want in the end.

7. Provide Examples of what You Want to have in the End

Are there websites you want your new blog look like? Are there specific features you want to copy and implement on your blog? If so, then do not hesitate to add those examples to your web design request.

It is always better to see what you want once, then to hear it hundred times.

If possible, take screenshots of everything you like about those sites in order to leave the agency with an illustration of your request after the end of your meeting.

Besides, it will be useful to them, as they will be able to analyze all the little details of your request at any time.

8. Agree on Terms of the Contract

Who are you going to work with concerning the amendments? Whom will you call to ask about the progress? Is it possible to add new specifications after you sign the contract?

These are just a couple of basics you need to think over before you sign the contract. Communication is a key to success here, so by establishing clear rules of collaboration, you ensure that both sides will the satisfied with the process and the results!

9. Establish the Budget

Finally, this is one of the critical points. Of course, you should not confuse your web design request with a web design estimation. But there are limits of your budget you do cannot afford stepping over.

Mention that figure and make sure that the agency whose assistance you are seeking can stay within this budget frame.

If what they offer is too much for them, then you might find a different agency or ask a talented freelancer to do it for you instead. It is one of those points that are critical, so think everything through when establishing the budget: there is always a way to cut the expenses, but it might affect the results.

New web design can truly make all the difference for your business, that’s for sure. Besides, the request is not such a scary thing to do as long as you know how to do it.

So, you no longer have to worry about it or postpone it until the last moment. Pull yourself together, go over our plan step by step and create a great web design request that will help the designers find proper solutions to the issues you are facing.


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