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Government Claims Vaping to be 95% Safer than Smoking


Government claims vaping to be 95% safer than smoking – More smokers are pushed to quit smoking

The UK government is said to be launching a campaign to motivate and explain the smokers that vaping is considerably less harmful as an alternative to smoking. PHE or Public Health England says that electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes but it is only sad enough to note that fewer than half of the smokers are even aware of the fact, let alone following it. There have been too much of ‘false fear’ among people who are doubtful and sceptical about the safety of electronic cigarettes and the government, in an effort to counter such ‘false fears’ demonstrates the way in which the tar and toxic chemicals are inhaled by a smoker through a film. The tar that is inhaled in one month as compared to the vapor from electronic cigarettes is huge.

The UK health agency also provided footage from a definite experiment to depict the harm which was caused through smoking and the different ways in which you can avoid this harm by switching to electronic cigarettes or vaping. The companies listed here are all providers of the best quality electronic cigarette and e-liquids which can help you with your habit of vaping.

Research reveals that 45% of the smokers wrongly believe the fact that vaping is as harmful as smoking and they’re not aware of how vaping poses lower risks to your physical and mental health. Half a million smokers are predicted to ditch the habit of smoking and Public Health England is motivating all those who use their Personal Quit Plan to boost the chances of surrendering smoking forever.

The film made by the government features Dr Lion Shahab, a health expert along with Dr Rosemary Leonard and they perform an experiment to prove the high levels of chemicals which cause cancer and tar that are inhaled by a smoker throughout one whole month and then it was compared to the vapour inhaled by people who vape an electronic cigarette. This experiment copies the impacts of inhaling the smoke from tobacco as against the vape from e-cigs into the lungs.

Once this experiment was done and proved, the health experts reasserted that they needed to assure the smokers that switching to an electronic cigarette would definitely be less harmful than smoking. Their mail goal is to motivate more and more tobacco smokers to quit smoking completely by taking to vaping the e-cig devices.

Hence, there is clear evidence of the fact that e-cigarettes are much less harmful than smoking and they have been proved to be the most famous quitting method that is found in England. If you can pair them with the local stop-smoking services, they will have the highest rates of success.


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