Update your Basement

Update your Basement to Create a Beautiful Space


If you’re lucky enough to have a home with a basement, make sure to take advantage of it. Not only will converting your basement give you more room, but it will also add extra value to your home. A lot of you are put off to update your basement because they are spaces that aren’t appealing. Often, basements tend to be dark, cold and damp, which make us wonder whether they’re worth converting. The good news is that with a little maintenance and care, you can take your basement from being cold and damp to a warm, welcoming space. So, don’t bypass your basement as somewhere to convert. With the right updates, you can transform just about any space into a place that’s smart, stylish and inviting. For everything that you need to know about updating your basement to create a beautiful space, keep reading. We’ve packed this guide with tips and ideas for transforming your basement into a usable space that you’ll love.

Update your Basement
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1. Start by Dealing with Damp, Mold and Water Damage

Before you do anything else, you need to work out what problems your basement has. Most basements, if not treated, suffer from damp, mold and sometimes even flooding. These are all common problems that can be easily dealt with. So, there’s no need to stress about them. Once you’ve had them treated, as long as you keep on top of maintenance, you shouldn’t have any further problems. As well as removing any mold and treating damp, the most important thing you can do is waterproof your basement. But first, you need to deal with any flooding. While you could clear this up yourself, it’s best to hire someone, who knows what they’re doing. 

2. Get Inspired

You may already know what you want to use the space for or you may need a little inspiration. If you’re unsure of what you’ll use your converted basement for, it’s important to think it through. There’s no point converting a space, if you don’t know what you want to do with it, as else some of the key features may be missing. Before you get started, it’s a good idea to work out what type of space you want to create. Be it a playroom for the kids, an office space, or an extra bathroom and guest bedroom, it doesn’t matter. It’s just important to work out what you want to do with the space so that you can ensure it has all the necessary features. If you’re stuck for ideas, have a browse online for inspiration.

3. Put a Plan in Place to Update your Basement

Once you’ve decided what you want to update your basement for, the next step is to put a plan in place. This plan should include how you’ll go about the conversion and whether it’s going to be dealt with by you or a contractor as well as what your budget is for the project and what your period for completion is.

4. Make a List

It’s also worth writing a list of materials that you’ll need to update your basement. This will help you to ensure that you have everything that you need. It will also allow you to effectively calculate the cost ensuring that you stay on track.

5. Get Expert’s Help to Update your Basement

When it comes to flooded basement cleanup, there’s a lot more to it than meet the eye. That’s why, it’s best to get help from an expert, instead of trying to deal with these problems yourself.

Want to update your basement and transform it into a beautiful space? All you need to do is take the tips above on board.


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