Under Floor Heating System: Why Shall You Opt for?


Earlier people used to install the ducted heating, gas heating and electric heating systems in their home as well as in their commercial places. But now the new age under floor heating has come with all new features. And, you can install these heating systems in your rooms and commercial places within a matter of a few days. After the installation of the under floor heating system, you don’t need to spend any additional cost for maintenance. And, you can also regulate temperature by using the boiler. This heating is mainly installed by using channels of interconnected water panels under the surface or under the slab. And, when you start the boiler system, it circulates hot water through these panels. The heat from these panels gets transmitted on to the upper surface, and warm your room within a few minutes. 5 reasons to install the under floor heating system are given below:

under floor heating
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1. Under Floor Heating is Cost Saving

Under floor heating is cheaper than other heating systems. The radiation from under the heated floor can circulate the heat throughout the room. Apart from that, only the boiler needs electric power for boiling water and it generally consumes less power. For electric and gas heating system, you need to invest double the cost than under floor heating. Along with that, traditional heating systems do not cover your entire room, and most of the furniture and wall absorb the heated air instantly. But when you install the under floor heating system, it transfers the heat from under the floor, and it circulates the heat to all the corners of your room, including the furniture and walls also.

2. Under Floor Heating is Comfortable

During winter, you need to warm up your feet. This is because, it circulates the temperature in your body automatically. Under floor heating system maintains the temperature of your rooms between 70 to 80 degrees. And, you feel warm when you walk on the floor. You can also regulate the heating system, and set up the desired temperature on the boiler machine. If you want to decrease the heat, then you just need to stop the hot water flow and alternatively, you can also increase the hot water flow to get higher heating.

3. It Maintains Health

Traditional gas and ducted heating systems circulate the hot air with dust and mold particles. It can harm your health and especially is dangerous for the asthma patients. But when you install the under floor heating system, it does not spew any kind of harmful air in your rooms. And, you can remain safe and healthy. Along with that, this heating system can dry out the upper surface of the floor and remove the mold from your rooms. Also, it can remove the bacteria and fungus from your floor surface and keep you healthy, safe, and secure.

4. It is Decorative

Ducted heating system can damage your decorative walls and ruin the aesthetics of your rooms. Under floor heating mainly works under the surface. It does not require the installation of any additional vents on the walls or ceiling. Also, you can place your furniture anywhere in your rooms. This is because, under floor heating does not occupy any living space.

5. You can Have Control

For the ducted heating system, you cannot control the temperature of different zones. This is because, these heating systems circulate hot air from centralized units. With under floor heating system, you can control heat in different rooms with the help of the regulator. And, you can save your power consumption level efficiently

So now you can replace your old traditional heating system, and install under floor heating to save energy, health, and get the best heating experience.


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