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5 Tricks to Dressing Comfortably When You Work in the Medical Field


The medical field is among those with set conditions and standards with regard to dressing for work. To avoid instances where the medical staff might either be overdressed or under-dressed and in the wrong type of clothing, most medical centers have uniforms for their staff to certain clothing for a more professional and comfortable look.

Although different medical titles have different medical uniforms and colors such as surgeons and nurses, most healthcare practitioners have to dress comfortably. This makes it simpler to move around during work, especially in emergencies. Here are some tricks to dressing comfortably and in the proper attire when you work in the medical field.

1. Choose the Right Footwear

The medical field involves a lot of movement and standing for long hours as you attend to patients. This can be tiring for your feet and you need to pick the right shoes that offer the correct support and safety. Do not wear sandals or open-toed shoes. Find shoes that cover your feet and have enough grip. The shoes should also allow your feet to breath freely even on busy working days.

Closed shoes also help avoid potential hazards such as fluids that might spill on you. If you can, have more than two pairs in place so that you can switch from one to the next whenever you need to.

2. Consider the Set Standards

Although white is known to be the common dressing of most staff in the medical field especially nurses, some hospitals have different colors. Nowadays, most health care professionals wear scrubs. Scrubs are more comfortable to walk in due to their loose materials and design. They are also clean to wear similar to white uniforms.  Check the different colors required by your hospital for different departments or positions.

3. Warm Clothing

During cold weather, you need to keep warm even if you are in a uniform. You can opt to wear a jacket or blazer for a more professional look. Both are good and comfortable for both male and female staff in the medical field. Select the best esthetician jacket to match with your uniform for comfort and a more professional appearance.

4. Maintain a Clean Look

Always stay clean, ensuring that you are well groomed. Keep your hair short or tie your hair if you have long hair. Ensure that your fingernails are short and always clean maintaining high levels of hygiene and professionalism. Avoid putting on nail art or nail colors that draw too much attention.

5. Avoid Hanging Accessories and Strong Fragrances

Limit your use and wear of jewelry pieces. If you have to, avoid wearing jewelry, especially glittering jewelry or long jewelry such as long necklaces. The only items you should wear should be your identification badges which should be visible at all times. Choose fragrances with a minimal smell to avoid choking patients.

With the right and comfortable clothing, you will enhance your confidence and professionalism as you serve sick patients. Try out the clothes recommended by your hospital or medical center first to determine if you can comfortably work in them before wearing them to work.


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