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Travel Gifts for Your Special Someone


In early days, men exchanged goods and services either in the form of barter or in the form of gifts. In barter, one would exchange something for something else in return. Whereas in gifts, nothing was expected in return. This gesture has evolved over the ages into the current form of presenting gifts With so many options at our finger tips, giving gifts has become a difficult task, especially for the travel lovers. Travel gifts need to be easy to use, handy as well as durable. Having looked through a wide variety of options, here is our pick of 5 unique travel gifts for your special someone.

travel gifts
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1. Instant Camera, the most Useful Travel Gift for Him

With modern technology introduced by Lomography and Fuji, the long lost trend of Instant Cameras is coming back to life. Instant Camera comes in 2 sizes, the Standard Square and the Wide Angle. The cameras are compact and easy to carry. The film sheet used in the camera is provided in a pack of 10 sheets, which are easy to load. The feel of clicking pictures and having the hard copy in an instant is a memory worth preserving for a lifetime.

2. Travel Pouch Set, an Essential Travel Present

Every traveler needs a compact travel pouch. Travel Pouches make the life of a traveler simple and less messy. Imagine opening your luggage and finding your makeup kit mixed with the toiletries or your toothpaste spread over your clothes. Travel pouch set keeps your things organized and sorted. Generally, it comes in 4 sizes with various colors and designs to choose from. Choosing the right one from these is still a huge challenge.

3. Fitness Belt: One of the Effective Travel Gifts

Staying fit while traveling is something every traveler aspires for. Visiting the gym during your hotel stay is a thought. But, it never gets converted to a reality. And that is when, the fitness belt comes into picture. Each traveler is aware of his/her health status and calories burned or just steps they need to cover. There are many brands, who offer this feature. The best part of these belts is that you can connect it with your phone to keep a track of your fitness level.

4. Customized Luggage Tag: The Need of the Hour

The most boring and irritating time is when you wait for your luggage to come. And you end up checking most of them carefully as they all look identical. Customized luggage tags can go a long way to help you distinguish your luggage. It gives you the feeling of being unique within the crowd. Many companies across the globe offer personalized, witty and creative luggage tags. You can choose from filmy dialogue to desi pictures. Next time you travel, let your luggage be tagged!

5. Travel Diary: Last But Not the Least

It’s one of the travel gifts, which has stood the test of time. In trend since the beginning of travel time, it still is the traveler’s favorite. It is the one thing, which will always be a part of every traveler’s bag. It is the thing, which has all the details, stories and memories of your travel trail. Travel Diaries come in many designs and styles. But the best ones to buy are those, which are small and compact in size and come with cover and lock system.

Next time, gift one of these travel gifts to your special someone. Your gift will ensure that he remembers you multiple times during his travel!


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  1. This is a great list of gifts for any traveler! I got a customized travel tag for my boyfriend last year and it’s made it so much easier to find his luggage at the airport!

  2. These are all important items to take with us on our journey around the globe. I love the travel pouch because it secures your papers while leaving you hands free. 🙂

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