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Travel Blog: Voyage and Earn Money Simultaneously

Travels are the best motivators. They inspire, they create new intentions, they build your own vision of the world. Meeting new people and exploring new traditions, a traveler develops personally and discovers unexpected solutions for everyday situations. New and unexplored countries always welcome you. The only difficulty is that you can’t quit your job. You need to earn money to travel. You work hard all year long to have enough money for renting a flat, and of course, traveling. Perhaps, you have even more, but the thought of losing a permanent source of income scares you. Are there any ways to travel without being dependent on your office job? Indeed, they are. And the best of them is to become a travel blogger and earn via your travel blog.

1. What is a Travel Blog?

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The reasons to run a blog can be different. Someone uses it for sharing his or her own vision of the world. While, someone uses a blog as a platform to sell personally crafted goods. And for some people, the blog is the way to make money. In travel blogs, you can read the information about different countries, secrets of traveling, useful tips and notes. For example, you can find a guide on how to buy the cheapest tickets and what not to eat in Cambodia.

2. Requisites of a Travel Blog

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The requirements of travel blog are higher than the requirements of food or fashion blogs. Firstly, the images should be self-made. Secondly, the content should be unique. Thirdly, a blogger must really visit all those countries to share his or her experience. It means that the best travel blogger is the one, who travels a lot.

3. Monetize the Travel Blog

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Making money with the travel blog is the same as making money with any other kind of blog. The basic 3 ways for monetizing your blog include:

Of course, the general income depends on the number of your readers and visits and their activities. The more people click the links and share your posts, the more money from your sponsors and partners you receive. That is why, before you quit your job and start a career of a travel blogger, you need to investigate the subject of blog promotion.

4. How to be a Successful Travel Blogger

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Not everyone, who shares experience in travels is a travel blogger. If you do not want to be one of those who just writes about travels and gets no income, follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Create Informative Posts with Images and Facts

Even in Instagram, the image is not enough to attract the attention of the audience. You need a strong story line that will support the idea of a photo. And on the contrary, the text is not enough to involve your readers into the story totally. Add images that you took during your travel and tell some facts that can hardly be found in other blogs (make a preliminary research to make sure that you write really unique information).

  • Mind the Location

The biggest mistake a travel blogger can make is to forget to add the location. Make sure that you include this information into the title of the post and in the post itself. It is better to indicate both city and a country, as some of your readers may be a little bit confused.

  • Remember about Readers’ Desires

Your readers want to know everything about your travels. And the main point of interest for them is the prices. Everyone wants to know how much money to save for a trip. Pay attention to the price to the rent of apartment, food, alcohol and cigarettes. Also, find the products or services that can’t be bought or received in a certain country. Tell your readers the complications that you have met in this country. Perhaps, you will save someone’s vacation!

5. The Golden Rule

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Remember the golden rule of blogging: regular posts. Even if you do not travel all year long, save some posts for later. Your readers should not forget you.

So when you are on a voyage, gather interesting information and facts that you will be able to present in your blog in several posts.

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