Training New Mantra: Why Back to Basics?


Yes! Indeed the time has come to say ADIOS to those expensive gym equipment and highly hyped aerobic exercises. Turn to the basics of training that have been and would always be there to keep the human race healthy and fit. But first, let’s discuss why we need to do so.

1. Say NAH to Aerobics

Nothing wrong though, but it has been seen in numerous studies that aerobic exercises do not really help in losing weight, the prime thing it was taken into the fitness regime for. It might be good for the heart, but for the whole body, big doubt?

2. Don’t Go t0 the Gym

Next in line is the gym and those gym equipment you buy for your home. Ask yourselves, “Are they really worth the money you invested in them.” Isn’t a walk in the park better than tearing your muscles up. As somebody stated that the high tech things eventually end up turning into a place to hang up your clothes somewhere in the corner. So why should you think of buying them? Well, gadgets are all good, but they are like toys, eventually you lose interest in them and want something new. So you must take up something in which you won’t lose interest easily, no matter what.

3. The Old Basics

Here are the basic exercises you should invest your time and energy in to get on top of the fitness plan. Even the experts are advocating leaving the high tech complicated fitness plans for this basics for keeping yourself healthy. Basically, the BASIC includes using the body and nothing else to get in shape, build muscles and stay strong. Remind yourself the calisthenics you learned in school, perhaps – pull ups, push ups, sprints and jacks. Time to do them again…

What is Lacked by Weights is Fulfilled by Body Weight Training

As the lovers of calisthenics put it, calisthenics simply natural looking bodies, free workouts, functional strength, self mastery, solid bone and ligament strength, cardiovascular strength, a toned body and a routine nobody can ever hate.

In this, your body is your weight. Using body weight to get on top of the fitness goal is an easy and fun method to stay in the game. Body weight training is a full body workout. It provides you all the results that can be achieved with weight lifting. A lot of people can do it and that too within the comforts of their houses. You will find both easy and tough exercises in it. The beginners should start with easy exercises and gradually move on to the difficult ones. The risk of injury is amazingly low with bodyweight training as compared to lifting weights. Remember, you need functional strength in everything you do every day of your life. Weight training won’t give you much functional strength.

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4. Yoga

While talking about the basics, how can we forget the importance of balancing mind and body and what better way to do it than practicing yoga. Infact, you can combine it with your regular exercise regime to get that perfectly balanced mind and body. Go running for 20 minutes. Follow it up with 40 minutes of yoga – breathing exercises and asanas. The latter stretches various parts of the body. You can get your abs in a perfect shape and also help your body heal from an injury. Would you still require anything else? I don’t think so.

Also, add REST to your routine.

5. Play Sports

When you are not training using your body weight, play sports. This is what people used to do in olden times. Indulge in some form of fun, physical activity. This adds a bit of jazz to your otherwise routine exercise regime and also check your fitness goals from going awry. The best sports that you should play for it are football, basketball or volleyball. You might have seen professional players indulging in some form of sports when they are not training for their sport. This is actually for the same reason. But ensure hygiene too. Use a good tea tree oil body soap to keep skin infections at bay. These are pretty common when playing sports.

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BACK TO THE BASICS is a trend that is seen lately and advocated by many. It should not die soon, let’s make this our style of not living but leading a healthy life. High Five!!




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