The Top 5 Winter Essentials for Women

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It is time to bid goodbye to the trendy minis and sleeveless tops. And, if you are especially a shopaholic, you must be extremely choosy about your winter essentials. Women generally remain extremely baffled about the collection of their winter essentials. They look for something comfortable, refreshing and classic to build their great winter wardrobe. Just have a look on the top 5 winter essentials for women. Select your essentials judiciously and rock the streets of New York, Paris, London and other wonderful places in this chilling winter without hassle and trouble at all.

1. Dark Colored Coat

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The coats, which help to protect one from the chilled wind and snow are the three layered coats. The outer layer is made of cotton or tightly knitted nylon. The middle layer has wool and the bottom layer is made up of smooth silk. Generally bright and dark colors are preferred to beat the dullness of the weather. The jackets are available in various sizes and shapes. One may opt for the long overcoats or short jacket type coats are also available.

2. Skinny Jeans

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Another must have’s during the winter is the skinny jeans. The skinny tightly fitted jeans prevent the penetration of the cold through it and touching the skin. It protects the legs from the cold and keeps it comfortable and warm. The dark blue or black colored jeans are the most preferred options for the women. You can also try out the various leggings made of thermal wear. These are not only comfortable, but also fashionable and trendy. They help to define the fashion statement of the individuals amidst the cold.

3. Knee Length Boots

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Yet another winter essentials for women are the boots. These are simply the must haves during the winter to walk on the snow and prevent the cold from touching the feet. They are available in various sizes, heights of the heels and colors. Women generally prefer black colored boots for formal occasions. They also opt for various other colors for any casual gatherings and outings. Leather boots, ankle shielding boots, snow protecting boots are the favorite options for women to face the extremities of temperature.

4. Hats and Beanies

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The hats and beanies are considered mandatory during this season. This headgear protects the head from the snow and the cold. You need not wear a monkey cap and announce a disastrous statement for fashion. You can always select something trendy and unique. The cylindrical shaped cold weather hats are now in fashion. These hats and beanies provide completeness to the total appearance of the individuals.

5. Hand Gloves

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The hands and fingers get exposed to the freezing cold. It becomes a necessity to protect them from the extremity and keep them warm. The hand gloves serve to be the rescuer in this case. A lot of fashionable hand gloves are now available. Some of them are made up of wool while others are made of leather. Besides protecting from the cold, these hand gloves add perfectly to the style and glamor statement of the women in this chilling weather to a huge extent.

Include these winter essentials in your wardrobe and get geared up to face the chilling snow and freezing cold.

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