Top 5 Ways to Celebrate One Year Anniversary

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Congratulations! You have successfully completed one whole year of togetherness with each other. The first year is one of the most difficult phases of a couple’s life. A lot of transformation takes place during this phase. The major transformation being they are now couples and are no longer single individuals. They learn to make adjustments and compromises. They get to know each other, their preferences, tastes, etc. So, completing one year of anniversary is really an occasion of exuberance and celebration. And, every couple must celebrate this day to the fullest to make it memorable for their entire lifetime. Here are the top 5 ways to celebrate the one year anniversary.

1. The Second Honeymoon

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The one year just passed away amidst the hectic schedule of life. To celebrate the auspicious day of your life, the best way is to go for a vacation with your soul mate. This will ensure that you spend quality time with each other, be intimate and live those special moments once again. It helps to regain and rejuvenate the spark back in life. The two of you can celebrate your togetherness to the fullest far away from all the cacophony. This will also break the monotony and make the day very special.

2. A Romantic Dinner

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If you are running short of time to plan the second honeymoon, you can always plan for a romantic dinner. You can cook the favorite dishes of both of you and set your dining hall in the most romantic way. Decorating the dining table with candles and flowers will add a feather in the cap of romance. This is the sweetest form of celebrating the one year anniversary. You can also go out for a dinner in your reception site. Being present there exactly a year later is a commendable experience altogether.

3. Exchange Presents

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Well, this forms another amazing way to celebrate the one year celebration. Select the gift either according to some wonderful moments spent by you or go by the preferences of your better half. This will make him’ her special and loved. Also, this gift will remain as a memory in the future years. There is a wide array of gifts’ collection available to celebrate the 1st anniversary. The customized ones with added personal touch seem to be the perfect one in this case. You could order a special anniversary cake and receive it by online cake delivery, especially if you lack time in your busy schedules. Exchange gifts with each other and make the special moment joyous, happy and memorable.

4. Party

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This day holds a special place in your heart. And, you may have the desire to spend it in the most beautiful ways with your family and friends. The perfect way to do so is to plan a small themed party with your near and dear ones. This way, all the related members of you and your better half can also be a part of your celebration along with you. Though, this is not a very romantic way to celebrate, yet you can enjoy the day perfectly with this wonderful idea of small get together.

5. Renew the Vows

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During the time of marriage, the couples take a lot of vows. But, while they start living with each other, they learn new things and discover new spheres of life. So, based on the experience the couples have faced personally, renewing the vows is an amazing way to celebrate the one year anniversary. This strengthens the bond between the couples and helps them to face the forthcoming years with more zeal and enthusiasm. This is one of the best ways to make the day special and remarkable.

Thus, these are the best ways to make the one year anniversary special, unique and memorable. This day is extremely special and distinguished. Celebrate it to the fullest and make it remarkable for your entire lifetime.

If you have some more plans in your mind, feel free to share with us in the comment section given below.

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