Top 5 Things to do during Diwali

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Diwali is the time of the year, where every individual puts all the sorrows, enmity and sufferings behind them and assemble together to rejoice the festival of light. Diwali symbolizes the victory of honesty, morality, goodness and hope. It brings a ray of light to the lives of every individual. It alleviates agony, despair and distress. Instead, it fills the lives with ecstasy and expectation. People look forward to the new challenges with anticipation and hope to accomplish and overcome every hurdle of life. This festival makes the lives of the individuals filled with exuberance, vigor and joy. People get engaged in several things. The list of the top 5 things to do during Diwali is given below. Grab a look and plan your schedule accordingly.

1. Resolve Conflicts

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This is the best time of the year, where you can put all your differences, disputes and controversies out of your mind. Simply forget all the antagonism. Embrace all and enjoy this festival with an absolute celebration in the perfect mood of festivity. Give way to all the past sufferings with your families and friends. The actual essence of Diwali celebration is imparting harmony in the society. Resolve all the conflicts. And, all of you gather together to make the very essence of this festival hold true.

2. Color House

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Many people opt for a complete makeover of their homes with the arrival of the new year. They change the colors of their entire houses. The house looks completely new. This erases all the past bitter reminiscences and gets geared up for the forthcoming challenges and aspirations of life. This activity is also a sign to wash away the sins and sufferings of the yesteryear and welcome the new year with absolute purity and honesty. Often, people get engaged in coloring their houses during Diwali. This becomes one of the most popular things to do.

3. Vacation

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Well, Diwali is the best time to celebrate with your family. These days people become so much engrossed in their day to day activities that they rarely get to manage spending quality time with their children, parents and family. Diwali is the time, when every individual of your family can come together. Planning a beautiful vacation trip to some beautiful places actually sounds fun, lively and refreshing. This helps to escape the doldrums of the everyday life and rejuvenates the lives with great fun and merriment.

4. Self Makeover

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This is yet another popular to do activities during Diwali. This includes getting a complete makeover of your body. This starts with your heads and ends with your toes. People go to spas and parlors to relax and enjoy a total alteration in their appearance and charisma. They embrace the new year with their new look ad new thoughts. They get rid of all the past failure and eagerly hold the forthcoming days in their arms. Self makeover also helps them to remove all the problems and sufferings they faced, rejuvenates their lives and helps them to regain their level of confidence.

5. Diwali Party

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Throw a Diwali party and enjoy with your friends and family to celebrate this festival of lights with wonderful merriment and love. The party can be planned according to your budget. It need not be in a 5 star hotel. It can take place in the garden of your house or even on the terrace of your beautiful home. The core spirit of the party shall be celebrating the victory of honesty, goodness, perseverance and hard work. The basis of the celebration is wiping out the dishonesty, lies and conflicts completely.

Reinvigorating the coming days with enthusiasm, liveliness and high spirits is the foundation of celebrating this wonderful festival of lights. Enjoy your Diwali and wish you all a very happy and safe Diwali.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect occasion to reflect on your life and check what else needs improvement! I love the idea of a self makeover.

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