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Thanksgiving Getaways this Holiday Season


Thanksgiving, the holiday season is approaching. And, it’s the time to unwind yourself and enjoy a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. There are a lot of amazing Thanksgiving Getaways around the corner. You can simply visit those places, relax and chill with your near and dear ones. So, folks, get yourselves geared up and visit the stunning places of the planet Earth. From chilling European wonderlands to warm Caribbean Islands, here are the top 5 Thanksgiving Getaways. Enjoy and plan your trip quickly.

1. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel de Allende, Thanksgiving Getaways
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Visit to this amazing colonial city in Mexico is a wonderful option if you’re planning for the Thanksgiving Getaways. This beautiful city has a superb combo of Neoclassical and cosmopolitan, all at once. Visitors can’t resist falling in love with this picturesque destination. The wonderful combination of exquisitely carved architecture and a well recognized heritage site to vibrant multi-ethnic culture captivates people across the globe. Visit this picturesque destination by flying to Leon or the Mexico City airport and then by boarding a bus. Enjoy the tranquility here.

2. Munich, Germany

Munich, Thanksgiving getaways
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European markets are swinging by the end of November. But, Munich in Germany needs a special mention. It has 80 markets all across the city with a wide variety and collection of various items. The city gets beautifully decorated with holiday decorations and colorful lights. The ambiance remains fun with the rock bands and jazz music being played in the streets. Enjoy the superb Thanksgiving food in the bars and restaurants of the city. Get yourself a cup of spicy, hot gluhwein from the stalls of Alexanderplatz and enjoy to the fullest.

3. Vancouver, Canada

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This international getaway in Canada is the perfect combination of modernity yet cultural. Explore the Beer Creek Park and the Stanley Park and enjoy the miniature train rides there. Also, opt for the Geek Fashion weekends, free walking tours and have a glimpse of the Cranberry festival at Fort Langley. Don’t forget to enjoy the sumptuous Thanksgiving dinner at the Boulevard. With the fall colors popping out all around, celebrate this year’s Thanksgiving in Vancouver with your families.

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4. Aruba, Carribean

Aruba, Carribean, Thanksgiving Getaways
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Traveling all the way to Aruba and enjoying the golden brown Turkey can yet be a wonderful bet for your Thanksgiving getaways. The trade winds, turquoise water, dazzling casinos and the sun kissed beaches attract people from various nooks and corners of the world. Enjoy the seafood here in this romantic island and explore the exotic Renaissance wildlife here. Visit the lighthouse, the Natural Bridge, the historic churches and the exclusive caves here. If you want to chill out the entire vacation with your family, Aruba is simply the best.

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5. Florence, Italy

Florence, Thanksgiving getaways
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Thanksgiving getaways without the mention of Florence, Italy is simply incomplete. This beautiful city is one of the ideal destinations to be explored with families. You can experience the traditional cultures and go on exploring the Palazzo Pitt and the Uffizi Gallery. Enjoy the superb classical music and opera concerts and the theaters. The must do thing during Thanksgiving is trying out the Aunt’s stuffing recipe amidst the cheers of the superb football fans and walk around the Tuscan Villa.

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These vacation days are simply the superb. Enjoy them with your near ones in any of these Thanksgiving getaways. Make your days memorable. Wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.




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