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Finally I Found my Love Here.. Romantic Places in the World


Are you ready to rekindle the romance back in your life? The monotony of life often takes away the spark from the couple’s life. And, to reawaken the spark back, the couples prefer to opt for a perfect escape to the romantic destinations across the globe. Romantic getaways are characterized by lovely beach walks, idyllic panorama followed by a candlelight dinner. These destinations provide a wonderful ambiance to the couples to spend some of their beautiful moments with their special ones. Here is a list of the top 5 most romantic places in the world. Feel the wind, unwind your love and get mesmerized perfectly with the special one of your life.

1. Paris, France

romantic places in the world, Paris
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Paris is popularly known as the “City of Love”. The streets of Paris are lined with shops and cafes. Stroll through these beautiful streets with your significant half and breathe in the air of romance. Visit to the Eiffel Tower is a must, if you are in Paris. It is one of the most popular romantic getaways of the world. The place remains crowded with the newlywed couples all throughout the year. The place has a spectacular charm. The Luxembourg Garden, “I love You’s” wall are some of the beautiful attractions of this city. A romantic candlelight dinner in the cozy restaurant and walking hand in hand with the love of your life rejuvenates the flame back in the lives.

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2. Venice, Italy

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Venice is one of the most beautiful romantic destinations of the world. This place is so beautiful that it captivates people across the globe. Romance is in every nook and corner of this place. If you are in the mood to break the shackles of your daily life and feel those special moments with the special person of your life, do visit Venice at least once in your lifetime. Get set for the gondola ride amidst the beautiful Renaissance building and baroque, sailing to the local lagoon, a helicopter ride across the city and simply a private cruise with food and wine. Plan a romantic trip and get swept by the spectacular beauty of the pink streaked sky in Venice.

3. Switzerland

romantic places in the world, Switzerland
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Though smaller in size, this place is perfectly known for its picturesque panorama, natural villages and exotic beauty. This is one of the renowned honeymoon destinations of the world. The enchanting charm of the Zurich, the romantic river, Limmat, the crystalline lakes of Jungfrau, the magnificent lake, Geneva, the majestic view of the Alps and the beautiful promenades lined with fresh flowers, Switzerland has it all. To experience a luxurious and sophisticated romance amidst the bounties of nature, pay a visit to his natural paradise. If you are planning for a romantic, cozy vacation with the love of your life, Switzerland is undoubtedly, the best option for you.

4. Maui, Hawaii

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This is one of the most magical destinations of the globe. Right from the beautiful sunrise to the romantic sunset while cruising through the coastline of Kihei, Maui is the destination, where romance prevails in the air. The spectacular waterfalls, alluring beaches, the romantic dining services and lovely natural beauty attract the love birds from various parts of the planet. Strolling through the white sands of the beaches of Maui casts a magical spell on the couples, helping them to revive the energy of love and romance back in their lives. Make your better half feel special and inhale the air of romance in Maui.

5. The Maldives

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This archipelago is a paradise on the planet earth. Crystal clear water and the over water bungalows along with the private beaches full of white sand makes you feel that you are residing on your own land. It provides a perfect escape from the crowded daily living and conjures for a romantic privacy. The fine dining services, fantastic turquoise lagoon instills a positive vibe in the air. This classic yet simple island is one of the renowned destinations of the honeymooners. The dazzling sunset, thrilling diving, sumptuous accommodation offers an epitome of a romantic hideaway.

Do you wish to make your vacation unforgettable, which spells romance? Visit these beautiful romantic getaways and let yourself get carried away with the wind of love, togetherness and romance.




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