Top 5 Indoor Garden Ideas

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Owing to the increase in urbanization, globalization and industrialization, there has been an immense battle on space crunch. With the mushrooming high rise corporate and residential buildings all across, people seldom finds space for green zones and gardens. This makes people opting for indoor gardening. Women are reckoning indoor garden ideas to add some color to their daily lives. Indoor gardening is gaining a huge round of popularity these days. And, here are some wonderful top 5 indoor garden ideas to ensure evergreen and refreshing vibrancies in the home all throughout the day.

1. Locate the spot

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The first and foremost step of indoor gardening is to locate the exact spot, where you want to do the indoor gardening. For this, you need to select the exact location of your garden. This will be best on the availability of space, sunlight and accessibility. This step is highly important since it plays a pivotal role to decide on the later stages of indoor gardening. A wrong selection of location may eventually lead to a complete failure of the concept of indoor gardening. So, think before you leap.

2. Choose the plants

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It is important to choose the plant, according to the location of your house. There are some plants, which prefer moist atmosphere, while, others prefer sunlight. So, depending on the location you can afford to have your indoor garden, choose the plants. Also, if required, you can go for recreation of the forest floor. If you wish to place it in the railings of the verandah, creepers will be ideal for you. If on the railings of the verandah, plants with colored flowers are the best. While, if bathroom is your location, ferns will be perfect.

3. Select the Containers

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There are a lot of colorful containers available in the markets these days. Depending on the theme of your interior decoration, choose the containers. They may be chic and trendy or may be simply of classic appearance. You may select metal containers or the ceramic ones with vibrant colors. You can also go for mix and match type, where there will be a variety of pots, planters and containers. This will impart an evergreen feel and a feeling of freshness and happiness to the ambiance of your home.

4. Reckon the Maintenance level

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Choose the plants, which require low maintenance or very little maintenance. This is because; it is difficult to maintain plants, which require a high level of maintenance. Indoor gardens do not provide a large space and a lot of fertilizers. So, maintaining an indoor garden with plants of high maintenance is next to impossible. Thus, while planning for an indoor garden, one must surmise the entire level of maintenance completely. This will ensure a beautiful green zone.

5. Handle with care

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Indoor gardening needs the touch of tenderness and care. Also, it needs a bit of regularity and perseverance to succeed in it. Also, the garden needs to be watered well, provided with fertilizers and sunshine as and when required. And, it is highly important to carry out continuous monitoring to provide a long longevity to the indoor garden. Love for the plants and a thorough understanding of the behavior of the plants towards various conditions will ensure a green and lively indoor garden.

These are the top 5 indoor garden ideas. Follow them properly and enjoy a wonderful indoor garden adding life and colors to the lives of your near and dear ones. If you wish to add some more tips, feel free to comment in the comment section given below.

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