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Top 5 Best Beaches in the World


Are you looking forward to know about the best beaches in the world? Do you want to break the shackles of monotony and feel the perfect escape amidst the lap of nature? Each and every beach provides a panoramic landscape to the people of the world. The sparkling sandy beaches and the gasping waters portray the perfect scenery of the beaches across the world. Get bathed in the sun and feel mesmerized in these beautiful beaches. Visit the top 5 best beaches in the world and spend the perfect beach vacation with family and friends.

1. Lanikai Beach – The Picturesque Beach

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“Lanikai” means heavenly sea in Hawaiian language. It is located in the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. This beach is characterized by 0.5 miles stretched sandy beaches, coast lined palm trees and crystal blue aqua marine waters. If you want to experience the perfect solitude away from the city life, Lanikai Beach is the best option. The ambience is superb and provides the idyllic and clean environment. Lanikai provides a spectacular glimpse of the moonrise over Mokuluas during the full moon. Visitors get bathed in the sun and watch the breathtaking view of the sunset with their families.

2. Seychelles – The Beautiful Archipelago

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The most photogenic beach of the world is the Seychelles. The beautiful stretches of the fine pink sands in the ribbon form are lapped by the lush green hills, the big granite boulders and the cerulean water. It is the ideal destination for all the nature lovers. If you are in a mood to rejoice the idyllic surrounding, visit this wonderful beach of the Seychelles. There is peace coupled with the panoramic beauty of the nature. The tranquil spas, stunning sunsets and the secluded coves make this beach the perfect getaway for romance and style.

3. Grace Bay Beach – The Excellent Escape

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The beach of Grace Bay features the consistent white colored powdery sand, clean blue water and perfectly idyllic surrounding. It is one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. One can experience various types of dining services along the shores. Also, enjoy the various adventurous activities like snorkeling, scuba diving in this 12 mile stretched magnificent Grace Bay Beach. There is a unique vibe in the air of the Grace Bay Beach. This beach forms a fun hangout place as well, besides being the perfect natural attraction of the world.

4. Flamenco Beach – The Phenomenal Destination

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This beach in Puerto Rico is one of the spectacular beaches in the world. The Flamenco Beach is in the shape of a horse shoe. It is characterized by beautiful beach accessories; lifeguard towers and forms the perfect destination for all the beach lovers. The beach provides the best opportunities for snorkeling, sunbathing, swimming and camping out. The foamy waves coupled with the crystal clear waters provide the incredible view to the tourists. The Flamenco beach is perhaps one of the topmost beaches to enjoy the vacation with your family to the fullest.

5. Whitehaven Beach – The Exceptional Creation of Nature

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The 7 kms beach stretching along the Whitsunday Island of Australia is yet another extraordinary beach destination in the world. This beach is known for its serenity and cleanliness. It has also received accolades for its environment and cleanliness. The beautiful white sands have the characteristic property, which does not retain the heat. The visitors can thus, walk comfortably on the fine white sands on barefoot even in the scorching heat. The sand remains cool and comfortable. Explore the beautiful natural getaway amidst the crystal clear water, tranquil ambience and pristine whiteness.

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Visit these beautiful beaches in the world, which captivate visitors across the globe all throughout the year. Mesmerize the enthralling and fascinating beauty of the planet earth. If you want to mention any other beautiful beaches in the world, please do so in the comment section below. Also, know about the best beaches in Asia.



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