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5 Tips to Wearing a White Dress This Summer


There is nothing that beats that warm fun of summer time. Everyone wants to look glamorous at every turn. Owning a couple of white dresses will go a long way in adding you some good wardrobe points. White dresses are good but also they can be a little tricky to wear successfully. To look stunning you need to perfect each point. Sometimes the black canvas it offers can be a little bit overwhelming.

So, with the summer fast approaching, here are a few tips to aid you to get that seamless white dress stunning looks.

1. Quality Fabric

Any fashion expert and lover will tell you that a good fabric is everything when it comes to fashion. The quality of the fabric will make you look appealing and give you that sense of glam and class. A good and high-quality fabric will feel good and will fit perfectly. A good and well-lined fabric will also be a great bonus. Depending on what you like either a see-through kind of white dress or not, the quality fabric should be your top priority. Furthermore, the fabric should not be clingy.

2. The Right Accessories

Accessories help you to let your personality shine as it’s a good way to self-express yourself to the world. Good and well matching accessories will go a long way in complementing our white summer dress perfectly. Nude sandals, golden necklaces and pearl earrings will go well with a demure expression. Feel free to let your fun and colorful personality shine through. Do not block it but rather experience it.

3. Keeping it Simple

This is a general rule in fashion. You do not want to overdo things and end up looking like a clown in front of people. The good thing about Joseph Ribkoff white dress is that it is already simple in nature and you do not need to overburden it with unnecessary elements. Give moderation a good thought. Keep the elements in just a few key pieces and places. Simplicity always nails it any day anytime.

4. Undergarments Need to be Perfect

Wearing a white dress can be a little tricky especially if it is a see through kind of dress as it will allow people to see the undergarment you are wearing. One rule you should observe always is to wear nude underwear. Try to avoid wearing colored undergarments as they will easily be seen through the fabric. In addition, ensure that white dresses especially the see-through ones have nicely sewn slips.

5. Look to Add Layers

Depending on the style of your summer white dress and the weather condition you can seek to add some extra layer of clothing, but it needs to be classy. If you are going for a chilly summer evening event, then you can add a warm outer layer of clothing. For a hot summer day, throw in a denim jacket on top to keep the look casual. If you opt for an edgy kind of look you can add a leather jacket. For a more dressy kind of look, you can do with a simple silk scarf that has a good bright color.


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