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How To Maintain Your Toilet: 5 Tips


A clean toilet is both appealing and healthy to use. There is a list of do’s and don’ts that should be followed for a clean and safe toilet. Plumbing can be dangerous if done without great care or guidance from a skilled person. Prevention is better than cure and that is why good maintenance of your toilet is advised. A messy toilet will be expensive to maintain and paints a poor image of the owner. Understanding the problem is a key factor to ensure that you maintain a clean toilet in a good condition and with it, a good reputation. Below are some tips on good toilet maintenance:

1. Regular Cleaning

Toilets require a lot of water in cleaning and flushing of waste products. Cleaning does not only allow you to have a good hygiene but also ensures that your house has a great fresh smell. It will also alert you to note a leakage from the toilet since a leaking toilet that goes unnoticed can add an additional expense to your water bill. Through regular cleaning, you will be able to spot the leak in time and fix it before it becomes a disaster out of control.

2. Proper Use and Disposal of your Waste

Toilets are only made to sewer human waste. Porcelain toilets are hard, strong and durable. Although it is strong enough to carry the weight of a human being, improper use such as to stand on the toilet can cause a poor distribution of the weight and cause a fracture that could lead to massive damage to the toilet and to you as the glass shutter all over. Disposal of unwanted waste products such as the baby’s diaper can lead to blockage of the toilet pipes that would be hard to unblock.

3. Inspect your Inner Workings of the Toilet

The inner workings of your toilet include how your toilet flushes. The pressure should be regulated to avoid it being too high or being too low. High pressure may force particles to splash out of the toilet bowl and also it wastes gallons of water from one flush increasing your water bill. On the hand, low water pressure causes no disposal of waste upon flushing leaving your waste floating and will require also a lot of water to get rid of it. Fix the toilet with a pressure regulator to maintain it at the required level.

4. Buy a Cheap Maintenance Kit to Fix Minor Problems

There are problems that should not require you calling a plumber but with the right tools, it will be an easy fix. Problems such as a faulty flapper valve. A faulty flapper incorrectly judges the water level in the tank making it overflow or be too low to flush. This can be easily fixed with the proper maintenance kit. For the best maintenance kits that come clear with instruction manuals and are very affordable, visit

5. Check on the Chemicals You Use and the Paper too

Some of the chemicals we use to unblock and clean the toilets can be harmful to human life. Some of them are so harsh that they corrode the tiles in your washroom floors and the porcelain toilet. Some of the toilet paper is hard to break and can cause blockage to the water pipes in your toilet.

Clean toilets are simple and affordable to maintain. It is also to your benefit to ensure you have a clean toilet in your house. Good hygiene in the toilet is a good boost to your health.


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