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Tips to Be an Effective Co-Leader


Co-leadership is a great tool to make use of the strength of several leaders to drive a team to organizational success. This may lead to friction between leaders. The contradicting communication, creative differences and poor co-ordination often lead to misunderstandings and conflicts. Check out the expert tips on how to emerge as a great co-leader.

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1. Responsibilities and Roles Defined

Both the leaders must have a clear set of expectations of their responsibilities and role. They must have a specific goal plan with action items specified for both. Also, transparency and open communication are the major prerequisites to make the model successful.

2. Alignment Ensured

It’s essential that the intent and vision of the co-leaders are aligned properly. There must be a proper alignment to common purpose and vision. They must share the culture, strategic focus and core intent to drive organizational growth.

3. Conflicts to be Dealt Effectively

Yes, it’s true that a bit of conflict helps to bring out the best. However, excessive conflict may be dangerous. Also, a high degree of emotional quotient is inevitable for the co-leaders.

4. Leadership Styles Resonated

Co-leaders need to possess complementary and compatible skills. Their styles and course of actions must resonate to avoid any confusion. Also, a leader must have the knowledge about the core competence and skills of the other. Their primary aim must be to complement each other and not contradict each other.

5. Both the Personalities Adapted

Co-leadership is learning, adapting and acknowledging  each other’s shortcomings and leveraging the personalities.  Focus on the skills and it’s advised not to be defensive rather collaborative.

Yes, c0-leadership can work wonders for an organization. Here are the 5 tips to be an effective co-leader. Make use of the skills to steer the organization to growth and progress.


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