Tips to Earn Money from Blogging


Let’s start by giving you the reality right in the beginning. The title of this blog seems to hold a promise to reveal a little hidden gem of information, which you can steal and start making the money you are dreaming of. Blogging seems to have everything to call it a dream career – a work from home opportunity, writing about things that interest you and the ability to make money on the side. In reality, there are less than 6% full-time bloggers in the world, who manage to make a six figure income. Here are some of the popular methods:

1. AdSense

It generally takes about a year for a blog to establish itself and start attracting enough traffic to start monetizing it via Adsense. Until then, you have to keep going at a steady pace to keep up the momentum. The downside of Adsense is that it reduces the beauty appeal and at times can be distracting for your readers. Even then, it can be the source of a small income on the side while you are busy writing about the things you love.

2. Advertisements

These are better lucrative options compared to AdSense. Sell the available ad space in your blog based on your unique readership. For example, if you are a mommy blogger with expert articles on parenting, you can attract baby care brands, online shops and more. The better your blog niche, the higher chance you stand in making better revenue than your competitors. Be sure to pick the niche that you love and have expertise in. Blogging with specific product reviews also helps from an advertisement stand point.

3. Do it for Others

The ability to write content that can attract hundreds of readers is a good trait. But, this needs to be coupled with time and energy required to market the posts on various social media channels. If you want to concentrate only on writing for a fixed income (per word or per article) you can try blogging for others. Several companies hire bloggers, who can write high quality content for their blogs while they take care of marketing and taking advantage of the traffic you bring in.

4. Sponsored Blogs

If you wield enough influence for your words can make or break a sale, then you can think of monetizing your blog via sponsored posts. From subtle mentions to complete product reviews, select posts can be sponsored. This also allows you to try out the products, mostly for free. To gain access to such opportunities, it is important that you stay connected with the community. Several popular bloggers eventually gain access to press events and make their own mix of blogging and journalism.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you create a product related blog with specific benefits and then directly link to the brand website so that your reader can move into a sales cycle after reading about the product and then buying it / contacting the brand for info. An example is a travel blog about a location with places to visit and things to do. In the end, link your blog to a tour operator’s website, who can pay a commission for every inquiry or successful booking that comes from your blog.

Blogging comes with a range of options to make money. Start with it part time and see if you can get the cash registers ringing. If this is your passion, you’ll find a way to make it your profession.



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