5 Tips to Co-ordinating Jewelry to Your Outfit


Jewelry can be worn to accentuate your look making you look glamorous and presentable. It gives you confidence when you walk into a room knowing that you have matched up your jewelry pieces to blend with your style and look.

You can be good at styling your clothes and hair, but if you do not know how to coordinate your jewelry with what you are wearing then the entire outfit will fail. The right jewelry is of utmost importance, especially in the corporate world. With very many exquisite jewelry pieces in the market, it can be hard to settle on the right piece.

Let’s look at some few tips for coordinating jewelry to your outfit that will definitely turn heads.


In order to ensure that any outfit you choose blends in with the jewelry pieces that you have, buy jewelry pieces that can be worn with several of the clothes in your wardrobe. Do not wear dangling and noisy jewelry with an official outfit. This not only distracts other people in your workplace but it is not professional.  Official wear should be worn with limited shiny, noisy and large-sized jewelry like extremely large necklaces.

It Should Add Value to your Outfit

The main aim of wearing jewelry is to look stylish, beautiful and glamorous. For this to be possible you need to pick jewelry that neither overshadows nor undervalues your outfit. Jewelry sets are good but avoid wearing matching earrings and necklace all the time. Tweak your style a bit to avoid overpowering your outfit. Check out the vast collection of jewelry at the black ravens for the best pick.

Check Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone not only influences which outfit you wear but also which type of jewelry. If you have a dark skin tone, match your outfit with jewelry that illuminates your skin giving it a glowing look. Metals and gemstones like gold, rose gold and silver are great options.

Match your Body Frame and Facial Shape

Jewelry comes in different shapes and styles, each made specifically for people with different face shapes and body frames. A jewelry piece that might be worn by someone with a round face might not fit someone with an oval face. It is good to know your face shape before coordinating jewelry. Body parts such as the neckline play a big role in picking out necklaces. Do not wear necklaces or earrings that overwhelm your facial and neck features.

Fit the Occasion

Jewelry meant for weddings and parties are most of the times different from those that you wear to work or when attending an official meeting. This is because most of them have glitters that would distract other people.

Try out the different jewelry that you have with various outfits to enable you to decide on which outfit matches with which jewelry. This will help you narrow down on your wardrobe collection. With a style in mind, this will also ensure that you spend less time when preparing to go to work.

Be very careful when picking jewelry to coordinate with your attire. A simple wrong selection can make you look like someone going to the carnival and yet you are reporting to the office. Furthermore, what you want is to coordinate and not compete with the outfit.


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