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Top 5 Incredible Thyme Tea Health Benefits


Thyme is a small herb belonging to the mint plant family. It is not just considered one of the most popular culinary herbs today with various using purposes, it is also best known from a long story of medical uses in over hundreds of years. The tea, likewise, brings some unique compounds from thyme leaves, flowers and stems. Thyme tea, rich in minerals, volatile oils, beneficial flavonoids and phenols, is really a healthy drink choice. Let’s discover some key health benefits of thyme tea and learn how it affects our body, either good or bad sides.

1. Boost Immune System

When it comes to health benefits of thyme tea, the most appreciated one is acting as an immune system booster. Thanks to the high content of vitamin C and antioxidants, thyme tea is an ideal drink that gives a boost to your immune system, thereby helping to relieve symptoms of cold and flu naturally. Furthermore, antioxidants in thyme tea like apigenin and thymol can neutralize free radicals within the human body, relieving oxidative stress while vitamin C helps stimulate the production of white blood cells. This herbal tea yields antiseptic and antibacterial actions, creating a good defense against infections and pathogens.

2. Treat Respiratory Disorders

Owing to antiseptic and antibiotic properties, the extracts of this aromatic herb act as a relaxant and bronchodilator, which is an effective remedy for respiratory problems such as cough, cold, acute bronchitis as well as sore throat. Prepare your home remedy for respiratory disorders with thyme tea by brewing a couple of thyme leaves in a cup of warm water and adding honey to make it taste better. In case of sore throat, you can drink a hot cup of thyme tea and also gargle with it to relieve the symptoms.

3. Promote Proper Digestion

One of renowned health benefits of thyme tea is promoting proper digestion. Given anti-inflammatory properties and natural soothing effects, thyme tea is believed to promote digestion system, fix stomach bugs, and reduce gas and bloating for your guts. The essential oils found in thyme formulate a gas-reducing compound called carminative, along with phenols that support this herb to work as antispasmodic, reduce the risk of intestinal cramping and normalize bowel movements. If you are suffering from an upset stomach and constipation, then chances are, thyme tea could be your savior.

4. Alleviate Headache

Thyme tea has the monoterpenoid phenol called carvacrol which is regarded as an anti-inflammatory agent. Just a few sips a day could help you wind down and boost your mood with its mild scent. This tonic tea also eliminates exhaustion and melancholy, reduces the risk of getting insomnia. In addition to tea, the oil extracted from thyme is known to treat migraine headaches and relieve stress. All you need is to gently rub a few drops of thyme oil on your temples and fore head, then take a short rest until your pain fades away.

5. Treat Acne Issues

Aside from various health benefits of thyme tea, this natural gift does wonder for skincare as well. Thyme tea provides essential nutrition to maintain skin condition and remove the bacteria which are main causes of various skin issues. Anti-bacterial properties of thyme are effective in combating external elements that cause acnes on skin. That is why thyme is usually found as ingredient in acne creams and face cleansers. This infusion is commonly used to clean oily skin, combine with antiseptic properties to reduce acne and dermatitis. It is suitable for all types of skin and can be used as toner.

Now after this list of top 5 health benefits of thyme tea, you have more reasons to drink this brew for a better health. Once your tea is ready to drink, take a sip and feel the strong ma and pleasant, warm and tangy flavor of this brew. You can also blend thyme with other herbs to enhance both benefits and flavor of the resulting infection.


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