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5 Things People with Clean Homes Don’t Do


Wouldn’t it be grand if we could just snap our fingers and get our house in order? Well, that’s not going to happen, so you might as well stop thinking about it and get to work. If you struggle to make time for housecleaning, then you can do a couple of things. First, you can hire a maid to share the overwhelming chore load with you. There are many clean services to pick through, and you can find all the information you need on website to get you started. Alternatively, you can work on adopting the habits of tidy people who make clean homes look effortless. Here are 5 things they do differently than most.

1.     Floor and Chairs are not a Closet Substitute

If you’re an adult, there is absolutely no excuse to leave your clothes lying around on the floor as you take them off for the day. Not only will they get dirty, but your entire home will look ridiculously messy because of this one habit. The same goes for chairs – though it’s very convenient, you shouldn’t have layers upon layers of clothing displayed on your dining room chairs, it’s not practical, it looks bad, and chances are everything will smell of food. There’s a simple solution here, whenever you get back home, put your clothes either back to the closet or into the hamper and your house will instantly look much better.

2.     Don’t Forget about Your Bed

Another very simple thing that tidy people do is make their bed after they wake up. If you live in a small apartment and your bed is out in the open, you know how messy it looks when you don’t straighten it up before you head out. This little habit makes a world of difference, and it’s one chore less to worry about when you come back home.

3.     Don’t Be Afraid to Multitask

Instead of spending half a day each week to clean your home, do it as you go. As you move through the house, notice things that aren’t in their rightful place and one by one, take them back where they belong as you go to other rooms. Also, you don’t have to be focused solely on cleaning in order to get results – you can make your dinner and tidy around the dining room for a bit, or do a load of laundry while you’re waiting for your soup to cook. If you just want to watch television, do it, but why not get the living room in order during the commercials? Just be imaginative, appreciate your time, and multitasking will become second nature to you.

4.     Don’t Neglect the Dirty Dishes

Yes, we know you don’t want to tackle a sink full of dishes after you’ve had a scrumptious meal, but it still should be done. People with clean homes have a tendency to always clean after themselves and leave the kitchen spick and span after they’re done with cooking. The dishwasher will do most of the dirty work – all you should focus on is cleaning the stove top and any working surfaces that require a wipe. By the time you’re done, so will be the dishwasher, so you can unload the dishes, let them air dry, and your work in the kitchen for the day is done.

5.     Don’t Overdo It with Decorations

Have you noticed how people with clean houses don’t have an overwhelming amount of decorations everywhere? It’s no coincidence either because they’re well aware how much additional cleaning will be required if they fill their house with souvenirs, knickknacks, and decorations. Not only will dusting become a nightmare, but your home will look cluttered like there are too many things that have nowhere else to go. If you strive to have a clean home, be very selective about what stays on your shelves and tables – the house can still look pretty with fewer decorations in it.

These 5 habits are but a start of cultivating a clean home. You should work on your own system.


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