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The Best Things to Do in Cebu City


“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet, he said.” –Rachel Wolchin

Known as an idyllic and tropical beach getaway destination, Cebu is known for more than just its pristine beaches and universally acclaimed roasted pig dish, the lechon. Proclaimed and hailed as the Queen City of the South, there is a myriad of reasons that this city has earned that claim to fame. Being an electic fusion of tropical and city living, it would be no question that the potential for activities and entertainment in this amazing city would be boundless. Located in the Visayas, Cebu city was the first province to be discovered by the Spaniards during the pre-colonization era and today, it offers a bit of everything. From historic sites for culture and history enthusiasts to sprawling natural views for nature tripping buffs. In this regard, one might say that the city is a smorgasbord of everything you could ever want in one place. And the best thing about all this is, everything is just in proximity to the city. If you needed a quick beach getaway, it would take you no more than an hour to reach any of Mactan’s (an adjacent island) beaches—depending on traffic, of course.

But the beauty of the Cebu city lies in the fact that there is always something to do wherever you might be—whether that may be up north where the natural views are quite breathtaking or down south, where the most coveted beach locations are located. Regardless, the moment you book one of any Cebu hotels, here are some of the activities you can look forward to doing:

1. Go whale watching in Oslob

Although this tourist attraction has been somewhat fraught with controversial issues, it is still a tourist activity you can do until today. Marveling at the wonder of seeing humongous whale sharks with some as big as trucks would give you a sense of reality of just how tiny we really are—and by extension our problems as well. Furthermore, apart from taking an underwater gander at these underwater gentle giants, Oslob is home to several natural wonders such as Tumalog Falls and white sand beaches as well.

2. Take awesome photos in Busay

Known as the Amsterdam of Cebu City, Busay has a collection of flowers that would bring your social media feeds to life. You would be hard pressed not to be mesmerized by the vibrant and jaw-dropping beauty of the floral arrangements all located at Terrazas de Flores in Busay. Furthermore, if you wish to unwind and just bask in nature for a while, there is a quaint and cute little café where you can enjoy delectable snacks while the soothing fresh mountain air billows around you.

3. Eat lechon

No trip to Cebu city is ever complete without having a taste of their world-famous lechon. While this roasted pork dish can be commonly found in any Philippine province, none of them can hold a candle to how the Cebuanos prepare it. Sumptuous and delectable are just a couple of the slew of words you can use to describe its taste that even Anthony Bourdain himself, a world-famous chef, has proclaimed the dish to be the best pork dish he has ever tasted. So, if you are ever in the city, know what everyone is raving about by sampling the pork dish for yourself as well. The best lechon is located down south in Carcar where they give you huge hunks of skin just as a tasting sampler. Morever, you can get the best and tastiest chicharron (pork rinds) here which you can then bring home to share with your family and friends.

4. See the 10,000 roses in Cordova

Inspired by the light up roses in South Korea, a Korean national opted to bring a little piece of his home to Cebu city. Known for being an excellent place for couples to date and bond, the 10, 000 roses in Cordova opened its doors to customers and patrons last February 2017. The extraordinary ambiance is something to behold and it definitely amplifies the romantic feel. Be sure to snap a lot of photos of you and your partner posing with the illuminated roses.

5. Experience an adrenaline rush in Crown Regency

If you want to experience a bit of an adrenaline rush or are simply looking for a unconventional way to spend your afternoons, take a trip to Crown Regency. It is rather easy to spot as it is located at the heart of the city and was once considered as the tallest buildings of Cebu city. To get your heart pumping, get on their rides such as the Edge Coaster, or go for a Vertical Climb or Urban Zipline with your friends.


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