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Teen Patti Game: Why Are You A Rookie In It?

Teen Patti has always been a game of luck, there is no mental skill involved in the game even though bluffing is done most of the times by the players. Those who are new to the game of teen patti might find themselves lost and most often than not on the losing side as well. Here are the reasons why you must be lagging all along in this super exciting game of Teen Patti all time.
1. Faulty Expressions

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As a beginner player, there is a very high chance of you giving away hints about your cards through your facial expressions. By being happy when you have good cards and gloomy with bad cards, you let others judge you easily. They may know about your situation and thus will use it against you to win the game.

2. Lack of Knowledge About the Rank of Cards

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Most of the novice teen patti players have little knowledge about the ranking of the cards. Thus many a time they often interpret a low-hand to be a high-hand and end up losing big time. It is very important to know which cards make up a good hand and which don’t. Refer to the table (descending order) below how cards are ranked in teen patti:

Combination of cards
What they’re made of
Set (Three of a Kind)
Three cards of the same rank
Pure Sequence
Three consecutive cards of the same rank and same suit
Three consecutive cards of different suits
Three cards of the same suit

Two cards of the same rank and an odd card
High Card
Comparison of cards according to their rank.
 3. You Don’t Know How to Bluff

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Since you are new in the game, you give away vital information through your acts and facial expressions. So, even if you try to bluff and raise bets, your opponents will know it. Consequently, you will be asked to show your cards and you will lose the game. Bluffing is an art and not everyone can master it. You need to be alert and attentive throughout the game to play a smart bluff.

4. Picking Cards Before Your Turn

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This is a common mistake done by many players in teen patti game. By the rules of the game, each player has an option to either choose to see his cards or play the bet with unseen cards. But many players see their cards long before their due turn. This gives a chance to your opponents to anticipate your moves in advance.

5. Lack of judgement

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Since you’re new to the teen patti game, it becomes a difficult task to read the faces of the old veteran players. You won’t be able to judge whether they’re bluffing or not. The key to making a speculation about your opponent is careful observation. Keeping an eye on their moves and expressions will help you make decisions wisely. Fold your cards when needed and raise the bet when you’re sure, this is the only technique which will get you through the game.

By avoiding such moves you will notice a new change in your overall game play. Keeping the rank of cards in mind and a little knowledge of bluff will help you in the long run in the game. Not only you will improve as a player but you will be able to win further games as well. We hope this helps the new players in avoiding silly mistakes and improve themselves over time.


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