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Technology Transforms the Face of Recruitment


Whether you believe it or not, it has now been more than 100 years that the first recruitment agency was set up in the UK. Yes, although it seems like a long time now, yet there are many companies which have changed very little since their time of inception. The recruitment industry is one such industry which has to adapt itself to the several technological advancements that it has seen with time. Gone are those good old days when recruitment was entirely done manually. Now is the time of recruitment software where a software program does your job. Here we compile a list of ways in which technology has changed the recruitment industry.

technology, recruitment process
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1. Recruitment has Become Faster and Prompter than Before

The internet has made everything accessible and instant and hence it’s not a thing of surprise that technology has quickened the entire process of recruitment. There was a time when candidates had to wait for newspapers and job applications offline, send emails and then visit companies for the process of hiring. But, now the process is faster than before.

2. Recruitment is Now a Large Scale Industry

Thanks to the internet that recruiters can now work on a larger scale than they could do before. How is that possible? As soon as a recruiter gets access to the internet or starts using brilliant applicant tracking software, he can post multiple job ads for numerous roles and vacancies. You don’t have to manage them manually and hence the entire business becomes effortless. You can therefore do more work and hire more people.

3. International Hiring is Not Only Possible But Also Cheaper

2 decades back, if anyone mentioned Skype, you wouldn’t have a clue of what it is. But now VOIP options like Skype have made it possible to conduct international interviews and hence hiring people internationally has also become easier. You can call people located anywhere in the world using Skype and hire him for any vacant position in your company.

4. Market Research has Become Easier

With the help of hiring technology software, you can not only arrange several meetings but also make numerous phone calls. Search engines have made research much easier and effortless. Google search can give you majority of the information that is necessary for hiring and for a novice; this is indeed a good place to start. Recruiters can always get references through email and they can be gathered through mail or phone.

5. Locating the Best Candidates Can Become Easier

This is the most important benefit of technology on the recruitment industry as sourcing candidates has become much easier than before. The search engines and the social networking sites are immensely helpful in streamlining candidates for different positions. Job hunters are always there on social media. Hence, a recruiter can get whatever he wants through an effective search through the use of technology.

Therefore, if you’re a recruiter who still hasn’t leveraged the recruiter software, you should immediately do so in order to reap the above mentioned benefits.


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