abs workout

5 Simple Steps To An Effective ABS Workout Strategy

Getting a toned, sculpted body is something fitness enthusiasts always yearn for, and are working tirelessly to achieve results. However, different body structures, different body shapes, physical limitations and abilities mean that different individuals have to take different routes to achieve a well-toned set of abs. The important thing to remember is that while spending […]

weight loss myths

7 Weight Loss Myths that Won’t Just Die & Why They’re Wrong

There’s all kind of advice; from cutting carbs to the conversation over diary and meat, dieting advice is constantly changing from week to the other. With everyone from doctors to the government and healthy living consultants putting in their two cents; it’s really hard to know, who to believe. This is especially true where the […]


Corporate Employees Suffering from Serious Health Complications

Health problem is a common problem of almost all corporate employees. Sitting right in front of computer for continuous nine to ten hours, unbalanced diet and irregular sleep patterns result in a lot of physiological complications in the corporate individuals. Many healthcare professionals have come up with some of the wonderful health tips for the […]

breathing and exercises

The Breath and Exercise: Why Good Breathing and Exercise Go Hand-in-Hand

Breathing, it’s one of the most important components of exercise. But, it’s also, understandably, one of the most overlooked. As living beings, breathing is innate for us. We tend to take it for granted because we do it without having to think about it. Nonetheless, it’s important to be mindful and practice good breathing during […]