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Sushmita Sen – An Inspiration to Womanhood


If you’re looking for that one word for Sushmita Sen in your Oxford Dictionary, what could it be? It certainly would be glorious. She is one of the most gorgeous women of the universe. Her independent thoughts have always made her unique and dignified in its true essence. She has never taken a back foot on putting across her views on any topic. She isn’t only about her appearances and features, she is the true icon of the beauty with brains. Her self confidence and her progressive attitude are the secrets to lead a life in her own terms, especially defying the social stigmas.

1. She Made India Proud by Bagging the Title of “Ms. Universe” for India for the First Time in the History.

It’s Sushmita Sen’s aplomb, hardwork, dedication, beauty and intelligence, which have helped her bagged the Ms. Universe title right at the age of 18 years. That was the first time, when the “Ms. Universe” title came to India. It is indeed a historical achievement for our country in the glamour world.

2. Being a Single Mom of Two Daughters

Sushmita Sen, I AM SHE, Ms Universe, bollywood celeb, celebrity, Bollywood diva
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The concept that a woman doesn’t need to be married to be able to enjoy motherhood is simply applaudable. She has adopted a baby girl, when she was only 25 years and named her Renee. This was indeed a bold step from an Indian actress and that too at such a young age. Again after 10 years, she adopted another baby girl and named her Alisah. She admitted that she felt at the top of the world. The way she has handled her Bollywood career and her parenthood splendidly is simply commendable.

3. Sushmita Sen’s Unconventional Relationship Status

Sushmita Sen has had a lot of sizzling affairs all throughout. But, she has recently said that she has not yet found ‘the sire, who loves to play with fire.’ She also believes that marriage is a celebration by choice. She has definitely preferred to wait for her Mr. Right than to get flown with the typical social norms. And, the quality to take a stand even if it’s against the majority mass is an amazing characteristic of this glamorous diva. Her secret mantra is to be independent and never be hesitant to pamper yourselves.

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4. Sushmita Sen is a True Philanthropist

Sushmita Sen, I AM SHE, Ms Universe, bollywood celeb, celebrity, Bollywood diva
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When it comes to charity and that too for the cause of children, former Ms Universe, Sushmita Sen is all set there. She is an epitome of compassion. She is even the head person of a charitable foundation. She has held back her title of Ms Universe truly by her philanthropic steps to give back to the society and the universe. She is unique. She is undoubtedly the inspiration to many modern women of the society.

5. Sushmita Sen and Entrepreneurship

Sushmita Sen, I AM SHE, Ms Universe, bollywood celeb, celebrity, Bollywood diva
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Unlike many celebrities, entrepreneurship for this sensuous diva was not a bed of roses. Infact, she was even turned down by many for her enterprise, TEPL (Tantra Entertainment Private Limited). However, she didn’t give up. She was not at all deterred by her failures. She continued her struggle to become an establish entrepreneur. TEPL is now successfully into the production and distribution of feature films. It has also been offered the Indian franchise to hold the preliminary to the national pageant, Ms Universe 2010. She has launched a mother brand, which is known as “I AM” for selecting the most deserving candidates for representing the nation in the international platform.

Sushmita Sen is all about being dynamic, multi-talented, intelligent and compassionate. She is the true inspiration with her bold and sensuous feminine charisma. She is a role model to many women, a personality to admire and a charismatic diva excelling in everything single-handedly. We wish her all the very best in all her future endeavors.

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