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Style Guide: How to Dress Perfectly for Eid


The first thing that comes to the mind on hearing the word Eid is Ramadan. It includes fasting, reading the Quran and Iftaar parties. In this whole affair, people often forget planning as what they would wear on the day of Eid. If you want to look ravishing and gorgeous on the day of Eid, take out some time and look for attires that are in vogue and that suit you in the best possible manner. Just wearing a costume by following a trend blindly might turn into a blunder. Mentioned below is a kind of style guide, which will help in deciding the dress that is just perfect for Eid.

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 1. Heavily Embroidered Kameez with Churidaar

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Are you a newly-wed bride and enjoying your first Eid at your in-laws? Are you a young woman in your twenties and thirties and looking to be the prettiest in the Eid get together? An affirmative answer to both the questions means a fashionable style guide for you. Here’s a heavily embroidered Kameez with Churidaar and a matching Dupatta is the perfect dress for Eid. The frontal design of the Kameez should have exquisite hand-embroidered patterns making the dress exclusively good looking. The Churidaar is usually in a contrast shade to that of the Kameez. The Kameez can be in different styles – it can be a short shirt kind with slits on sides, long straight cuts with side slits as well as like a long umbrella shirt with no slits. The Dupatta is must with this dress. With right accessories, you can be ready for the Eid dinner or lunch party in just no time.

 2. Anarkali Dresses

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Gone out of vogue years back, Anarkali suits have made a grand comeback in the fashion industry. These suits too come in different variations – while some reach to ankle length of the wearer, some end just below the knees and some reach the ground. The flamboyant Anarkali dress has become the first choice of women for traditional occasions and festivals. Made of materials like chiffon, georgette, net, brocade and similar items, these dresses have intricate embroidery and various kinds of embellishments on the attires making them gorgeous and highly attractive. These attires are available in lovely color combinations as well. Another interesting thing about this costume is that it is supposed to be the style guide for all body types.

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3. Long Kurtis and Tights

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Women belonging to today’s generation like to mix and match their dresses in the best possible manner. The combination of long kurtis and tights is a perfect example in this regard. The amalgamation of traditional and contemporary gives this dress a different edge and makes it extremely popular with younger women. If you are hosting a BBQ Eid party at home, this dress can be just perfect. With no dupatta to manage, this costume will keep you free. Kurtis with asymmetrical hemlines are popular in this regard. Since the dress is for Eid, ensure that the kurti is a bright one with good embroidery work or with proper embellishments.

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 4. Palazzo with Short Kurti

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When people know you as a fashionista, you can definitely flaunt your style guide at the Eid party by adorning a bright and short kurti and team it up with fashionable palazzo pants. Palazzo pants come in the trouser cut with extremely wide and loose legs, which flare down at the bottom. This style is gaining momentum with urban women greatly off late.

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