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Stott Pilates – An approach to lifestyle enhancement


Late Joseph Pilates had pioneered an exercise method, which later became famous. Stott Pilates had a contemporary approach towards the exercise. Such exercises can help in the enhancement of health and lifestyle.

Stott Pilates has been one of the most effective methods due to its practice of including certain modern principles of rehabilitation and exercise science in it. Such a method can help in the restoration of the spine’s natural curves. The muscles at the joints can also get rebalanced with the help of Stott Pilates. Such an impressive exercise brings about affirmative changes with the addition of props, transition in the postural alignment, and exercise sequences.

At Inspire Health the health instructors are highly familiar with the method of Stott Pilates, and they are the trained. Stott Pilates has an inclusion of preparatory exercises and modifications too. Such a method can be applicable in day-to-day life as well as in sport-specific training. Such modifications and preparatory exercises included in Stott Pilates helps in the application of the method with the variations in body types and abilities.

Benefits of Stott Pilates

  • The method of Stott Pilates helps in incrementing an individual’s core strength, peripheral mobility and stability.
  • This method is useful in the prevention of injuries as it helps in the enhancement of one’s fitness level.
  • It helps in reducing impact on joints.
  • An individual’s sports skills can be improvised with the help of Stott Pilates.
  • It is very helpful to an individual as it aids in the enhancement of balance, circulation and coordination.
  • Stott Pilates helps to improve posture, flexibility and balanced strength.
  • Such an affirmative method intensifies body awareness.
  • It is useful in increasing one’s ease of movement.

Stott Pilates has been to yield profound results in the enhancement of one’s fitness levels. There are several categories of sessions conducted in this method. For an instance, an individual can make use of Pilates equipment under the guidance of an instructor. In these sessions, the exercises are carried out in accordance to one’s body and goals. One’s interests for an ultimate workout and personalisation are also taken into account.

In another category of sessions, namely duet sessions, the clients can exercise for a certain time period using Pilates equipment, and under the guidance of a trained instructor. The sessions take the goals of each individual into consideration.

The third category of sessions in Stott Pilates has been named as group classes. The final category includes Pilates to be done at home. Such a session provides the ultimate privacy to an individual. The client is instructed by a trained and certified instructor, but they can help themselves if they do it correctly.

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What are the Important Principles of Pilates?

  •  Centering is one of the most important principles of Pilates which makes use of a concept to bring the focus to an individual’s core. It is concerned with the area present between the lower ribs and the pubic bone.
  • In the second principle of Pilates, concentration has been included. Here, one needs to give full commitment to the exercise to get the maximum affirmative outputs.
  • In Pilates exercise, the exercises are made by the help of complete muscular control. This part of control is another principle of Pilates.
  • In Pilates, precision is the fourth principle. Awareness needs to be sustained till the completion of every movement.
  • In the fifth principle of Pilates, making use of a full breath has been emphasized.
  • The last principle the performance of exercises is supposed to go in a flow.

Stott Pilates is a modern approach to a conventional exercise method. Its use can give profound results in the enhancement of fitness levels.


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