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Sterling Silver Jewelry: How To Identify the Real One?

Jewelry is used right across the world to promote beauty and provide a complimentary finish to any outfit. Jewelry is manufactured from a number of different metals including gold and silver. Sterling silver jewelry has become increasingly popular in this day and age with more people loving the appearance that it can offer. For those, who aren’t familiar with sterling silver jewelry, here’s an expert guide on what real sterling jewelry is and how you can identify it.

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1. What Is Sterling Silver Jewelry?

Sterling silver jewelry is a specially manufactured type of jewelry which consists of 92.5% silver mixed with a small component of other metals such as copper. Because of this inclusion of other metals, sterling silver is generally referred to as 925 sterling silver. The reason why other metals are included in the making of this jewelry is because without it, it would be hard to manufacture the beautiful designs that this jewelry offers. This is why, you’ll see very intricate and stunning designs when it comes to sterling silver jewelry. So, how do you identify it? Some ways to identify it are as follows.

2. Identify It by Rubbing With a White Cloth

If you rub your sterling silver peridot bracelet jewelry with a soft white cloth, and marks occur on the cloth, then you can be sure that the ring is made from sterling silver. Why does this occur? This is because, when exposed to air, it causes oxidation of the sterling silver. Over time the jewelry may start to wear after prolonged use. But, this is expected with any type of jewelry.

3. Identify the Real One by Using a Magnet

Another thing you can do to test if the .925 sterling silver emerald bracelet is made from Sterling silver is by the use of a magnet. Magnets won’t have any effect on sterling silver, just like they don’t have any form of effect on platinum or gold. However, if your jewelry isn’t made from sterling silver, then your piece of jewelry will be attracted and stick to the magnet.

4. The Printed Trademark is Yet Another Way to Identify

Generally sterling silver jewelry will have some form of marking to indicate that it’s made up of sterling silver. This is generally seen in the hidden or underside for the ring. You may see markings such as ‘Sterling Silver’, ‘925’ or ‘Ster’. If there isn’t a marking of this in very small writing, then be cautious about buying it. This marking is generally used by designers and jewelers to show authenticity of the product they’re creating and selling.

5. Lastly, the Smell Test is Another Important Way

Last, but not least, the smell test is great for those, who may not be confident with the other suggestions above. Sterling silver won’t let off any type of smell. If you find your jewelry piece does have a slight or distinctive smell, it may be because there’s too much copper added within the jewelry. If there’s a lot of copper, then it’s not the proper ratio for sterling silver jewelry.

Sterling silver jewelry offers beauty like no other. When purchasing this type of jewelry, it’s a good idea to conduct a few of these tests in order to make the right decision on the type of jewelry you’re buying. So, what piece of jewelry have you got your eye on?

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