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Top 5 Sporting Destinations for a Luxury Travel during Christmas Holidays


People spend their vacations in different ways. While some travelers just want to unwind and relax during their trip, others prefer to spend it in the most energetic way possible. These tourists search for adrenaline-rushing sports to either engage or just be a spectator. If you are one of these tourists, who is searching for a destination where you can enjoy your favorite sports activity or watch your favorite team, here are some countries that you can visit:

1. London, UK

This city is almost complete of every sport you can think of after successfully hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. Enjoy the mainstream sports such as golf, rugby cricket and soccer. And of course, don’t leave Wimbledon Tennis out. If you want to participate in sports, you can try a variety of water sports, horse racing, wrestling and cycling.

2. Qatar

The Qataris love their sports and they consider their sporting activities as one of the most important social activities that they do. The combination of the country’s extensive coastline mixed with its hot climate makes this destination a perfect place for tourists who want to join a variety of water sports activities.

3. Malaysia

You may not even think Malaysia hosts mainstream sports, but the country does. Malaysia is known for hosting international sporting events such as Formula 1, motorcycling events, and powerboat racing. The country also hosts, a number of water sports tournaments where you can also join them.

4. Morocco

If you want a luxury sports travel, Morocco will be perfect for you. When you arrive in the country, you will be able to participate or just watch a couple of water activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, diving, sailing, yachting and swimming. The country also offers golf facilities, challenging treks, difficult skiing, and a lot of fishing areas.

5. Spain

If you visit Barcelona Spain, you will be able to engage in a number of outdoor fun activities. Don’t forget that the country is home to some of the best football clubs in the world. Once you visit Barcelona, you will be able to explore the different sports options you can engage and watch.

The list of the best countries to visit when it comes to the perfect luxury sports travel destination is a lot. But of course, before heading to the countries mentioned above, make certain to conduct more research and properly plan your chosen destination.


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