How Smoking Can Ruin Your Looks?


Quit smoking if you want to stay healthy and look good! Tobacco is harmful not only to your health but also the body. It takes a toll on your skin, teeth, hair and overall appearance. Smokers are not only at a higher risk for a variety of health concerns, but they are also less likely to look charming than the rest. Studies have shown how your habit of smoking could negatively impact different parts of the body, which eventually ruins you looks. If you want to look young and energetic and beautiful, the habit of smoking has to go away sooner rather than later for sure. Else, brace yourself up for a bad looks.

Here are ways in which smoking can ruin your looks –

1. Yellowish teeth

Smokers have stained or discolored teeth. Their teeth get a yellowish tinge with the repeated use of tobacco products. Harmful chemicals coat their teeth consistently giving it a dark shade of black or brown. And you know when teeth are not sparkling teeth, a beautiful smile can never be achieved. Yellowish teeth look extremely bad and they can dent the overall appearance in a big way. So, you should quit smoking to have a dazzling smile.

2. Dark under-eye circles

Smokers often don’t sleep as soundly as rest of us do. With lack of sleep, their appearance is bound to get affected in a number of ways. Such people will have dark under-eye circles which is a clear giveaway of bad sleeping patterns. Tobacco has chemicals that can even disturb your sleeping patterns to leave you awake late into night, something which is also responsible for improper sleep. This is how your appearance may get hit.

3. Scaly skin

Smokers are always at risk of having scaly skin, a condition which goes by the name of psoriasis. In this, your skin will develop into red, patchy and flaking which can impact the looks greatly. Although this problem can strike to anyone for various other reasons, smoking does increase its risk so it’s better to minimize risk than increase it. In fact, chances of getting psoriasis will be in direct proportion to the number of days you have been using tobacco products.

4. Dull and gray skin

Dull and gray skin can make you look appear older and sunken than you actually are. Smoking can take you this far as it depletes nutrients and makes your skin lose the ability to repair over time. People, who smoke end up having discolored and dry skin, something that makes their appearance dull in true sense. With tobacco use, there will always be the danger of your skin losing it natural luster and shine over time.

5. Stretch marks

Forget that only weight loss or gain could result in developing stretch marks. Even smoking can do this, or at least, increase the likelihood of such marks. When you smoke, it goes on damaging the tissues and fibers in your skin to make it become weaker and lose it natural elasticity. And when smokers do have weight changes, this can take a toll of their weak skin and leave with stretch marks along their hips and thighs.

6. Thinner hair

Thinner and weaker hair is common among smokers. The toxic chemicals in tobacco can damage hair follicles and make the hair brittle and thin. In fact, the free radicals which smoking helps produce can also damage the hair greatly and make them turn grey earlier than you expect. Worse still, smokers are more likely to experience hair fall than non-smokers. You however can consult a top dentist in flushing NY and benefit from treatments to improve smile and facial charms.


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