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Smoking Cigarettes is Used as Appetite Depressant – Does Smoking Make You Skinny?


Does it ever strike you how the rock stars and the scantily clad supermodels remain so thin and skinny? Well, have you ever noticed them pouting religiously behind a thick cloud of smoke from the cigarettes that they smoke? As the image or the figure of the human form is well built in your mind, the sight of a cigarette in the hands of a model has a role to play in shaping the size of the waist of the supermodels. They of course follow a lean diet which consists of quinoa salad, boiled chicken breast, fish fillets and regular exercise, but there is another reason behind their skinny figure and that is the fact that they smoke cigarettes.

Tobacco cigarettes are an appetite suppressant and people who smoke will agree to this. They have all been subject to this problem of facing a loss of appetite due to the smoke that they keep on inhaling. Smoking and tobacco use can often go hand-in-hand with other mental illnesses like eating disorders.

Eating Disorders and Smoking Cigarettes

While there is enough research which has proved that use of tobacco usually dulls your appetite, there has been investigation into the connection between eating disorders and smoking cigarettes. The idea that smoking cigarettes help you in controlling the weight of your body has been a popular fact among the pop culture. Women in the 1930s have always been used to smoking to assist themselves in curbing the sweet craving. Nicotine is the main component which is released from cigarettes and it is known to release neuro-chemicals in the brain like dopamine, serotonin and nor epinephrine which all work together to help in weight loss and also suppress your appetite.

There are few other researches which have even identified the way in which cigarette smoke has attempted weight loss where people falsely believe that smoking can maintain the weight of your body, curb food cravings and also assist with weight loss. However, there is a sad reality which says that the combination of substance abuse along with eating disorder will have a bad impact on your health which can at times get lethal.

If you have always believed that smoking can suppress your appetite, have you wondered what will happen when you wish to quit smoking? Are you wondered about gaining weight? There is a contributing factor that will help you in quitting smoking. Well, you needn’t wonder about that as you will stay as beautiful as you are.


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