Smarter Selling Better than Harder Selling?


For every business enterprise, selling is the backbone to excel. There is no business without selling. Selling is the skill, which helps the enterprises to sustain its business. In sales, customers are the toughest critics. The smarter salesperson finds ways to build good relationship with the customers and then demonstrate the product. There are many ways to learn the selling tactics. The concept of “Smarter Selling Better than Harder Selling” can help you to make the most out of the situation. Here are a few tips to sell smarter.

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1. Understand Your Product

The smart selling tactics start with the extensive knowledge of the product. Take time and understand the product and look beyond the surface of why the customers will buy the product. Analyze your product to generate the uniqueness of your product. You must know what the product is, who should be the buyer and why one should buy this product.  You must know how your product is different than your competitor’s product.

2. Personality Matters

Smart selling is a subtle art. An effective salesperson needs to build a good relationship with every customer. You’ll come across the people of different personalities like joyful, harsh, polite, etc. The effective communication skill is necessary to meet the goal. A salesperson must be polite, confident and patient with the customer. This will help him in building a good relationship with customers. Happy and fulfilled customers often become a loyal customer.

3. Know Your Prospect Customer

You can’t sell anything to everyone. Time is the most important thing for any salesperson. You must spend your quality time with the buyers, who are in need of the product. You must not waste time in convincing people, who’re not interested in the product. You should pay close attention to your customers’ facial expression and body language. This can tell you whether you’re pitching to a prospect client. One should not sell the product to a customer, who doesn’t need it. The seller must value the need of the customer and guide accordingly. This will help the seller in building credible relationship with the customer.

4. It’s all about Presentation

Sales presentation should be concise and compelling. Presentation should be clear and direct. No one has time to listen to the sales pitch. The salesperson must spend enough time in making the presentation. While presenting, the salesperson shouldn’t use complicated diction. Presentation should be interesting enough to keep the customer glued till end. It’s very common that the customers will interrupt you. If you are asked a question, then answer it clearly. You might not know the answer of the question. If you don’t know the answer, then you can accept the fact and clear the query in the next meeting.

5. Follow up is the Priority for Smarter Selling

The success or failure of your smart selling relies on how effective you follow up with your customers. You should follow up with your prospect customers. A regular follow up can help you in building ongoing relationship with clients. You can send greetings on occasions to the customers. The smarter seller doesn’t just sell the product. Once the sale is made, it’s your responsibility to provide after sales service.

Hence, selling smartly is an art of serving the customers effectively. It is time for you to hone your art. The above mentioned five tips can help you to sell the product to the right customer.


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