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Skin Care Tips for Acne: Beauty Tricks


Acne is a tremendously burdensome and embarrassing problemAcne occurs when the hair follicles turn plugged with dead skin cells and oil. Acne usually appears on some areas like face, neck, chest, shoulders and back. About 70-80 percent of people suffer from this condition. Acne can cause scar the skin and emotional distress depending on its severity. Therefore, acne isn’t a disease but one skin condition which needs immediate treatments. With a few skin care tips for acne below, I hope that they can help you in preventing and treating the problem of acne.

1. Stop Touching Your Acne

skin care tips, acne, pimples, skin care tips for acne
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Keep in mind that do not touch acne as your hand contains dirt and bacteria that will get into your affected area making it become worse. In addition, never even squeeze or pick acne. Touching acne frequently can lead to irritation and breakouts as well. Keeping your fingers and hands off your face will maintain it healthy and clean and help alleviate future breakouts.

2. Keep Your Skin Moisturized and Clean

skin care tips for acne, skin care tips, moisturizer, moisturize skin, acne, pimples, skin moisturizer
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It is advisable to clean your face using cleanser two times a day. You don’t over-wash the face as it will lead to dryness condition. Additionally, stop using bar soaps because these have a strong chemical that can be harsh on the skin. You should use a mild cleanser. You can apply it gently on the face and then wash it by using lukewarm water. The other things need to remember is keep your shower short as well as never have super hot water for the bath. Post cleansing in the morning plus at night, you need to put one thin coat of moisturizer.

3. Don’t Expose in the Sun for a Long Time

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A little bit of the sun can help you reduce breakouts. But exposure to the sun for a longer time can cause damage to the skin as well as prompt a breakout. But longer may cause huge skin damage and acne breakouts. If you have to go out you should load up on moisturizer and sunscreen –these will help maintain your skin hydrated as well as protected from the sun. You can use lightweight sunscreen because these do not have fragrances, unnecessary oil, and harmful chemicals as well. Keep in mind that heavy products are considered as one of the biggest causes in blocking skin pores as well as causing acne.

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4. Reduce Stress

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Individuals with acne prone face acne flare ups when they’re exposed to stressful situations, according to dermatologists at the UT Southwestern Medical Center. Staying happy and calm has actually been demonstrated to help control acne breakouts. During stressed and sad circumstances, most of us battle acne. In addition, stress can cause hormonal imbalance, and also you can experience lots of physical problems like acne. You should keep calm and you will feel better.

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5. Eat Healthy

skin care tips for acne, skin care tips, acne, pimples, skin care, drink water, water consumption
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Many kinds of food are also one of the main causes of acne. An unhealthy diet will worsen your skin conditions from inside, leading to acne as well as other skin problems. Many health experts and doctors agree that keeping a healthy diet can help in preventing breakouts. To deal with acnes, you should eat healthy. You need to increase niacin and vitamin A in your diet. Drinking plenty of water (about 10-15 glass daily) is also one of the greatest ways to stay hydrated and have healthy skin. You also should eat fresh fruits and vegetables as much as possible. Avoid junk food, drinking alcohol, and smoking. Plus, after eating particularly oily, greasy foods if you touch your acne on face, your skin will breakout inevitably.

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In conclusion, all above-mentioned natural beauty tips are good and useful for preventing and treating acne. Follow these skin care tips to have an acne-free skin and get beautiful skin.


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